Chris Webby.

Lately I’ve been really into Chris Webby. The guys a rapper with some serious flow. He hails from Norwalk, Connecticut  and he doesn’t let you forget it. Webby reps Connecticut hard. Shouts of CT are littered throughout his songs.

Webby has one of the most prolific careers of an unsigned rapper. With six mixtapes in the last year alone.

Lately Webby has been getting some exposure after appearing on MTV’s ‘Sucka Free Countdown’ And just when you think you have Webby worked out think again. This ‘white boy’ rapper raps about everything from weed ‘La la la’ to embracing his A.D.D and killing beats ‘A.D.D’ Webby has one of the most unique flows of anyone I’ve ever heard he can go from deep and emotional to happy in the same line.

You can check Webby out on Facebook at or Twitter @ChrisWebby.

One thought on “Chris Webby.

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