Always on the lookout.

So the reason I started this blog was because of a course i’m doing and it’s a requirement that we need a blog. But the reason I chose to make a music blog is two-fold. Firstly I have been checking out Pigeons&Planes for almost a year, and I only realised when I started looking at the site, that there are some really, really great artists out there that few people or in some cases practically no one has heard of. Guys like E-Dubble, Kinetics&OneLove, Loggy, Chris Webby, Mike Stud, Hi Rez, SoLo, Tayyib Ali, Timeflies….I could go on for days.

These are the guys who fight all day everyday to get their music out there and are constantly evolving and changing to make their music as good as, or in a lot of cases better than, what’s on the radio. Regular people who love-making music and are just looking for that one chance to be heard. People who spend most of their time coming up with new songs/beats/genres. These are the people who revoltionise music, not the guy who gets paid a bomb to sit in a world class studio and make a decently dope beat for the next ‘big’ artist.

I don’t know what kind of backgrounds these people come from but I can be reasonably sure that most, if not all, don’t or didn’t have access to state of the art recording facilities. Hell thinking outside the box doesn’t even cut it. Dudes like E-Dubble who sampled a ska song and made it into a sick chilled out party jam called ‘Life Coach’

Or Brenton Duvall. The dude who created a legendary mashup with Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Swift. Rap meets Country with a dancey beat.

Do I need to mention Radical Something again??

All i’m saying is, while you may call me a hipster or a music snob, I don’t give a damn. If being a hipster means I get to experience what music is supposed to be then i’ll gladly be a hipster til I die. But until the day that record labels get their act together and start to realise that while Autotune and a catchy beat may make a song a massive hit, it won’t stay around for long. The indie guys know how to do it right and a lot of the so called players in the music game could learn a lot from them.

The other reason I decided to make this blog is to show people that music is still about love. Love is what all artists should have for what they do, and as soon as that love is replaced with a cheque then it’s time to hang the mic up. That’s all i’m saying.

Here’s some songs for you to enjoy.



Huey Mack-Just Me

Hi Rez-Early Release (Teaser)

E-mail any new music you think might be of interest to

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One thought on “Always on the lookout.

  1. […] dropped the highly anticipated Dear Future,  Huey Mack dropped a sick joint to thank his fans for getting him to 8,000 followers on Twitter. […]

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