TimeFlies – iTribute

So i’m a litle late to the party on this one. The hip hop/dance duo, TimeFlies dropped a tribute to the late Steve Jobs. On first glance it looks like the guys from TimeFlies are just trying to cash in on the media hype created by Steve Jobs’ death. But when you actually listen to the song you can tell that the guys are 100% genuine. The guys posted the video on their Youtube with this message.

 The song was put together in one day, like all the TimeFlies Tuesday’s and it shows just how much of an impact Jobs had on the guys and it also showcases Res’ production. The track was made from samples using OSX and iOS and staying true to the Apple theme, everything was shot, edited, mixed and mastered on an iMac.

You can download the song here.

Follow the guys on Twitter. Cal and Res

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One thought on “TimeFlies – iTribute

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