Chris Webby-Webster’s Laboratory. (Official music video, uncensored)

Connecticut rapper, Chris Webby shot a video for the lead single off his last mixtape. Webby has a sick flow and he doesn’t seem to show any signs of giving up on the game yet. Five tapes deep and with “There goes the neighborhood” due to drop soon Webby treated his ninjas to some sick visuals for the lead single off his last tape “Webster’s Laboratory”.

“Webster’s Laboratory” features Webby in a top hat and a 50’s style suit before he jumps back into the typical Webby style and kills the song. Expect sexy women, some “aliens” and a lot of swear words along with some odd scenes with an axe. Goes without saying that this may not be SFW.

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One thought on “Chris Webby-Webster’s Laboratory. (Official music video, uncensored)

  1. […] Chris Webby’s upcoming project “There Goes The Neighborhood” is causing a lotta hype and Webby just decided to leak the first single off the tape. He posted a link to it via XXL magazine but after about a minute the servers crashed and the audio wouldn’t load. So Webby posted the link to the tune on YouTube. As usual, Webby kills it. And the song is totally NSFW, Webby makes the bold statement that he can “murder any beat I put my mind to” but judging by the fact he’s six tapes deep in the game… gotta agree with him. […]

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