Must hear soulful mixtape. Jhene Aiko-Sailing Soul(s)

The front cover of Jhene's mix tape, Sailing Soul(s)

It’s rare that I find really chill music appealing. I mean on occasion, yeah it’s nice to relax to or just have on in the background but I never thought I’d be banging an entire mix tape of it. But I have been proved wrong.

Jhene Aiko (pronounced Juh-nay Ahh-ee-ko) is a pop/RnB/Soul singer who hails from Los Angeles. Jhene has been around for a good few years but this is the first I have heard from her and I can honestly say that I love it. The tape blends some smooth soulful vocals and poppy production and makes for a particularly awesome listen. You can cop the tape on Jhene’s site here. And if you like it then show her some love on Twitter here.

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