R.I.P Heavy D

Heavy D. Rapper, Actor, Pioneer and all round classy guy. R.I.P Overweight lover.

As is usually the case when someone famous dies,  Heavy D has become a major celebrity once again. But this time he won’t be around to see it. Heavy D passed away earlier this week. Heavy was on of the main players in the merging of Hip Hop and RnB. It was Heavy d & The Boyz who bridged the gap and smooth the rougher edges of Hip Hop to make it more accessible to everyone. Hev appeared on the 2011 BET Awards and performed in front of the crowd. Sadly the “overweight lover” won’t be around to see the impact his passing had on the Hip Hop community with indie rappers and veteran artist alike both expressing their sympathy and paying tribute to the original big guy. Janet Jackson, Eddy Murphy, Hi-Rez, Funkmaster Flex and many more taking to Twitter and Facebook. Heavy D was so influential that a few people decided to take his passing and make a song. Like Busta Rhymes who came out with “You ain’t gotta wait til i’m gone” which you can find here. Kinda fitting that for a guy who inspired an entire new style of music and helped bring Hip Hop and RnB closer his last tweet read “Be inspired”

Hit the jump to see some old school Heavy D…

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