FayBN ft 2econd Avenue-To Realize

Update: After exchanging a few messages Fabiansaid has been changed to his proper artists name of FayBN. Sorry about that man.

To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about this track or the guys behind it other than it is extremely catchy. And okay there seems to be a recurring God theme but who cares what the song is about when it’s so damn catchy and infectious. He could be rapping about plucking his toes for all I care. All I know is it is catchy and has a pretty dope beat to it and I hope you “Realize” a good song when you see/hear it. More info when I get it. UPDATE:After messaging FayBN and asking him to give me a bit of information he actually gave me quite a lot of info that I hadn’t expected. You can hit the jump to  find the main points of FayBN’s reply below and to hear the track…

Sure, I’d love to help out bro. Hmmm… Lets see. Well I consider my music Christian Hip-Hop/Alternative. Early on when I first got into music I found myself heavily influenced by artists such as Outkast, Linkin Park, Timbaland, Kanye, and any other artist that really pushed the envelope of innovation…. Just be innovative, have fun and tell a positive story. I am a Christian, and my main goal as an artist is to share Jesus Christ through my music to all the listeners. By doing that I pray that all the listeners can find Jesus through the music… maybe they never seen themselves as spiritual but some how when listening to the music they felt a little closer to God. What’s important is that Gods seeds are planted through the music, and that he changes lives through it.

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