Radical Something-Sun Down (Official music video)

I am very rarely amazed but it seems like the guys at Radical Something can do just that!! The guys have released an awesome new song called “Sun Down” and just like most of their songs, it’s a down tempo chilled out tune. But there is just something about the song that makes you smile. I got an e-mail off the guys today to announce this absolute gem of a song.

Beautiful dudes and ladies–we are here to bring you all some great news! To celebrate Radical Something hitting 10,000 Facebook fans, we released a new song and video, titled “Sun Down”! The song itself will not be featured on our upcoming EP, but we love the tune and once you take a peek at the video you will feel the same way. Guaranteed!

The guys had massive Summer swag with hits like “Be Easy” and “California” but “Sun Down” really embodies that Winter feeling. Sorry to repeat myself but there is just something about this song that just makes it unbelievable….it’s the kind of song that makes you just happy to be alive. I can honestly say that after seeing it I wanna just chill with friends and be young and carefree!

Radical Something truly are chilled out and just when you think they hit their peak they blow your mind. Anyways hit the jumps for the song and the sick visuals. 

Show the guys some love on Twitter. Loggy, Josh Cocktail, Dj Big Red, Radical Something.

And i’ll leave the final words up to the guys themselves….. “We’re only as strong as the bonds we have with the friends & family we love.”


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One thought on “Radical Something-Sun Down (Official music video)

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