Ok so Yelawolf isn’t really new to the rap game. He’s been putting out music for a while and with his Trunk Muzik mixtape he got some major attention, enough to get one of the greatest, if not the greatest rapper alive to take an interest in him. Eminem added Yelawolf to his Shady 2.0 stable along with Slaughterhouse. To me, it looks like he’s trying to make another D12 but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ll admit that I haven’t copped “Radioactive” yet but after hearing this tune off it i’m really tempted to go out and buy it. The tracks been getting a lot of hype because of who produced it, Diplo and Borgore, these guys are two extremely talented producers but they have totally different styles. Diplo is more laid back and drawn out dancey songs but Borgore is straight up Dubstep with massive filthy bass wobbles and a hyped up energy about them. Anyway these two guys came together on a track and then Yelawolf dropped some sick bars over it all. Hit the jump to hear the song.

And as usual, if you like the song or just wanna show Yelawolf some love then jump on his Twitter here.

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