Insane breakdancing.

Ok it’s not technically what i’d usually post…but I decided that this is a music blog , so all aspects need to be covered. So expect more news, interviews, live performances and videos like this in the not too distant future.

When I first saw this video I thought it was gonna be a couple of dude trying to bust some moves and doing ok. But damn can these guys move! Some of the stuff they pull off had to have taken weeks if not months to perfect. And although the soundtrack isn’t too fitting it sort of goes with it, sort of. When I saw the video on Brobible, they labeled it as “Insane Dubstep Battle Dance” that is one thing it is not! Although the track is slightly Dubby it’s most def not Dubstep, if anything it’s more Drum and Bass than Dub. But let’s not fight over small details. It’s obvious from looking at the video that the guys aren’t break dancing to the same song we hear but you have to admit, it’s pretty sick. Hit the jump for the video. 

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