Mashup Monday

This week i’m a little pressed for time because i’ve a lot of stuff going on so this Mashup Monday will be short and sweet. Todays mashup comes from a  guy called Dj Earworm. This guy is pretty well known for his mashups as he has done a “United States of Pop” mashup for the past three years. Basically the “United States of Pop” mashup is where he goes and mashes up all the top 25 hits of that year, according to Billboard. Now for a guy who doesn’t really do mainstream music, I really like these mashups. So with all that being said, hit the jump for your mashup monday. “United States of Pop 2009”

And if you dig it then show Dj Earworm some love on Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “Mashup Monday

  1. nice work, carry on the great website.

  2. […] blog for too long and now that I have three weeks off on Friday you can expect plenty of new stuff. Mashups, throwbacks, videos, interviews and something a little special just for y’all. I’m also […]

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