Bramzwig-Doing It Big

Like I said in the last post I get a good few people tweeting me links to heir stuff or their friends stuff. And most of it is alright but nothing special. But then you get some pretty good stuff like Sinotra and a few others. But I recently got a tweet of a dude called Bramzwig and the song he showed me was pretty dope. But today he sent me another link to a track he just released “Doin It Big” and to be honest, I was blown away. Dude has swag  and a sick flow and with the sick beat it just works.

Hit the jump for the old track and the new one. 

Bramzwig-Locked Out

New!! Bramzwig-Doing It Big

If you like the tracks then jump on Twitter and show Bramzwig some love.

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5 thoughts on “Bramzwig-Doing It Big

  1. MadMax says:

    This is RESPECT

    • sidday says:

      Thanks man. I try and show all the artists I post on here the level of respect they deserve. Glad you took the time to check the site out and comment. Means a lot man.

  2. Bramzwig says:

    #GoD whatchu know about it?! Good looks on this post my dude!

  3. […] Bramzwig, the guy who gave us the awesome “Doing It Big” and “The Pre Game” is back with another track off his upcoming mixtape “The Roaring Twenty” . This time Bramzwig gives us a slightly slower track and a deeper message behind it. “Glitter Ain’t Gold” is a slow jam that has Bramzwig rapping about his life and how he started rapping. The song is deep but not overly deep. […]

  4. […] Soundoff Timeflies Tuesday-20… on Timeflies Tuesday-Christm…Timeflies Tuesday-20… on Timeflies Tuesday. Dancing in …Timeflies Tuesday-20… on Timeflies Tuesday-Space J…Skyzz2 on loud-speakersBramzwig-Glitter Ain… on Bramzwig-Doing It Big […]

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