Sinotra-Farewell ft Hi-Rez

I recently got a tweet off a follower on Twitter reccomending that I check out an artist called “Sinotra” and to be honest, I get a few of these a week. Some kid thinks he’s the next big thing and then send you a message saying how they’re the next 2pac or Eminem or whatever. But the last few tweets i’ve gotten have been pretty solid. There are some talented dudes and dudettes out there just waiting to be found. And Sinotra is one of them.

This guy has a pretty sweet flow and anybody who can rap over “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson and make me like the song more than the original has to be some kind of awesome. The song is called “Farewell” and it features one of the most talented young indie rappers, Hi-Rez. All in all the song is pretty sick and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to hear more from Sinotra. Hit the jump to check out the song and a bit more info on Sinotra.

You can find Sinotra on Twitter here, or check out his web page here to download his mixtape “Tip Of The Iceberg”

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One thought on “Sinotra-Farewell ft Hi-Rez

  1. […] stuff. And most of it is alright but nothing special. But then you get some pretty good stuff like Sinotra and a few others. But I recently got a tweet of a dude called Bramzwig and the song he showed me […]

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