Basic Physics Mashup Time!!

I’ve neglected the blog for too long and now that I have three weeks off on Friday you can expect plenty of new stuff. Mashups, throwbacks, videos, interviews and something a little special just for y’all. I’m also promising that when I get on top of assignments and projects you will have regular content and some sick music for the new year. So until I get to all that I give you a late Mashup Monday and try to make up for it with and ENTIRE ALBUM of mashuppy goodness. Hit the jump for the entire 26 tracks and some more info on the uberly epic guys who gave us this.

Basic Physics otherwise known as Alex Syse is a one man mashup machine. Syse is from Madison, Wisconsin and  dropped his first mixtape “Nightlife in the Northwoods” about 8 months ago. “Nightlife” is a 15 song epic mashup mixtape that puts artists like Lil Wayne, Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding on one track and Electo Dance legends, Daft Punk and stoner icon Wiz Khalifa on another track. Cop the tape here if you want. So think that aught to do it for now. So sit back, hit play and chill out to this epic Mashup.

And follow Basic Physics on Twitter here.

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