Mike Stud-Sammy’s Shadow (Official music video)

I’ve been a fan of Mike Stud since I first heard his track “College Humor”. He was a Frat rap guy that could pull some witty punchlines and had a real sick flow. He even pokes fun at people who think that that all he has is punchlines and party music. But then I copped “A Toast To Tommy” and I saw a side to Stud that I liked as much if not more than “Party music Mike”. The track off “A Toast To Tommy” that really caught my eye…or ear? Does a song catch your eye or is it even possible to catch somebody’s ear?

Anyway the song I noticed the most and the one that was my personal favourite was “Sammy’s Shadow”. The track is a slow paced song for Stud and it focuses on this girl called Sammy who Stud just can’t seem to shake off. He fell for her and then lost touch with her over some stupid shit. And the song focuses on his story of how he went from this girl being his world to how he still loves her but can’t bring himself to telling her. The song is slow and has some deep emotion in it.

The video was shot by the same guy who shot “Just Fine”, “Bottle It Up” “On My Way” “Summer Swag” hell the guy directed most of Stud’s videos, Paddy Quinn. The video features Stud going about his day and doing what he does but everywhere he goes he “sees” Sammy. That’s all I’m gonna say, i’ll let you watch it before I say any more. So hit the jump below to check the vid.

I don’t know if Stud actually went through all this or whether this is just some elaborate rap but it’s a nice change for Stud and the slow pace and slightly classical beat make the song different from the usual “different” a lot of frat rappers try to put out. Stud actually pulls off the track and you leave feeling kinda sad for him but happy in another way. It’s difficult to put into words.

Hit up Mike Stud on Twitter to let him know what you thought or jump on the Facebook fanpage.

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