Timeflies Tuesday-2011

Ok so when I first saw this it was a tough decision. Post it now or wait til the New Year and post it then? Well the decision was a pretty tough one but I decided to wait until 2012 to drop this post. Anyway I usually like the Timeflies Tuesdays but this one gave me chills. The guys take a step back from the usual off the top freestyle and take a look at what happened to them in 2011. From starting up the Timeflies Tuesdays to their first show on a boat. The track is a nice change of pace and I wouldn’t mind seeing the guys throw out a few more tracks like this.

Rez lays down a totally sick beat with an “Auld Lang Syne” sample in there to make sure we know it’s a New Year for the guys. And Cal does what he does best and totally kills it. The song is deep and takes you on a journey with the guys from showing their first track to their friends to deciding to take a chance and make a go of making music as a career.

I for one cannot wait for 2012 Timeflies. If the guys have come this far in such a short time then there can only be bigger and better things on the horizon.

Hit the jump for the video.

Show the guys some love on Twitter and let them know what you thought. And like the Facebook fanpage.

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