Jeu Green-Zig-Zag’s & Snapbacks

He looks like a young Mac Miller, well a younger Mac Miller. But that is where the similarities stop. Jeu Green is the dude in question and he has just dropped his debut mixtape, “Zig-Zag’s & Snapbacks”

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Jeu Green (pronounced Jew) is an up and comer from Stoughton Massachusetts who dropped his first mixtape a while ago. The tape called “Zig Zag’s & Snapbacks” is a mix of slow tracks and fast paced party tracks. Jeu records, mixes and masters all his tracks in his studio, ScrapYard Entertainment. The tape features production from Dj Shaw T who did some work with SoLo and Teddy Roxpin who’s beats have been used by Mac Miller and Chris Webby.

All in all the tape has a variety of tracks on it and it should appeal to most people. The tape is up on Datpiff, hosted by the infamous Mr Peter Parker. Or you can find it on Soundcloud.

If you like the tape then jump on Twitter and show Jeu some love. And shoutout to Amanda for putting me onto Jeu.

If you want to see more of Jeu then he’s gonna be dropping new shit on his Youtube channel at 4:20pm every monday for “4:20 Mondays”

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3 thoughts on “Jeu Green-Zig-Zag’s & Snapbacks

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  2. […] of his 4:20 Mondays. With a Partiots inspired remix of B.O.B’s “Strange Clouds”. Jeu goes in on a pretty sick beat and he manages to hold his own. Last week Jeu went over a beat he […]

  3. […] you haven’t copped “Zig Zag’s & Snapbacks” yet then do it now. Follow Jeu on Twitter and like the Facebook […]

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