Skylar Grey-The Buried Sessions Of Skylar Grey

I’m not too sure on the details of this one but from what I can gather, Skylar launched her new EP on Interscope records. The EP is called, “The Buried Sessions Of Skylar Grey” and it features her original demo and a take on Eminem and Rihannas “Love The Way You Lie” and Diddy Dirty Money’s “Coming Home”. All three tracks come in at exactly 1:30 or 1:31 when I refreshed the page…apparently you can buy the set as well? Who’d spend money for a set of songs, and I use the term “set” lightly that in total would add up to the amount of time it takes me to get out of bed in the mornings?

You can find the set after the jump. And sound off in the comments, I’d love to get your opinion on all this. I know and EP is supposed to be short and in essence, a preview, but would you really be tempted to but the actual thing after hearing the collected set in less than five minutes?


So after checking iTunes, the full set is for sale, not the 1:31 versions. But still, I know iTunes gives you 30 seconds preview but couldn’t Interscope stream the entire set? The full set that is and not this minute and a half crap. So it’s 99c a track and 2.97 for the full thing….but to be honest I’d rather just save up an extra 5 bucks and grab Webby’s “There Goes The Neighborhood”

Just saying.

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