Radical Something-We Are Radical (A Day In Rome)

It’s been too long since I did something on the Radical Something guys. So prepare for another Radical post quite soon, possibly in the next hour or two.

Anyway, back to the music. Radical Something released this video on their YouTube. Now It looks like it could be an unofficial official video until they make an actual video. That and the fact the song cuts out before the end and the talking at the start. Apart from that it could be an awesome video. The song is about the guys being different and chilling in places “like a vagabond” Actually, to be honest, I completely made that last line up.

If you want to leave it there and go away from this post without reading a mini rant about indie movements then leave now.

Still here? Must be a sucker for punishment eh….

Who honestly cares what the song is about? Snobs, hipsters, douchebags? Yeah, sometimes the meaning of a song is important but who cares when the message isn’t in the song, it’s in the music and the band that make it. Radical Something isn’t just a group of three guys making chilled out tunes, they’re a movement. Like MGK’s Lace Up. The message isn’t in the song, it’s in the way the songs are made and the way Radical Something treats the process. Radical Something is a movement to bring back the love in music that so many mainstream artists have lost but indie artists never lose until the fame gets to them.

The guys consistently make incredible, relate-able, chilled out music for anyone to vibe to. And the reason? They make music, not songs. If you sit down and try to make a song then that’s what you will get. If you sit down and try to make music without any determined outcome then that’s what you’ll get. Music that people can relate to and that people will come back to again and again.

And that’s where I leave it. With this pic…


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