Antoine Dodson ft Brent Morgan-Lovesick Lullaby

Do you remember this guy?

Before you read this post, take a long look at that picture. If you know who that guy is then keep reading, if not then click here.

That guy is Antoine Dodson and he went viral after he gave an interview to a tv station after the attempted rape of his sister. Now this isn’t going to be a dark post or a post about what happened. Click the link here to see the interview and news piece on the event. Anyway after he became famous he apparently decided to become a proper singer, you know..the one that doesn’t auto-tune everything and actually sings instead of the mish mash that was the schmoyo video. Hit the jump for the video for Antoine’s song.

I am not that pushed on the song. Antoine’s probably a really nice dude and all but an RnB song about love? I know originality isn’t a major part of the music industry and i’m ok with that but there comes a point when an entire genre becomes basically one message and one type of music. In RnB’s case it’s either found love, lost love, cheating or being cheated on and the style is heavy piano emphasis and some light drums in there, maybe a snare or a cymbal crash (but subtle) and in some cases an almost lullaby undertone. If I’m wrong then tell me in the comments or let me know on Twitter.

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