K-Woody-Who Dat (J Cole remix)

When you sit down to write a post on an artist, it’s not that hard. Give your opinion of the track, album, video, concert etc and maybe put in a link to the track or a stream and a pic.

But then you get artists who don’t make it that easy. The up and coming K-Woody is one of those artists who seem determined to make doing a post about them so damn hard. How do you write about a guy who can change his style from deep and chilled to energetic and ready to party in just two songs? A guy who is still pretty young and has tonnes of potential? And a guy who can take on a J Cole sample and make me like it! So that’s why this post has taken so long. And seeing as it’s now 4am and I cannot sleep I have decided to tackle this head on. If I sound pretentious then screw it. Hit the jump.

K-Woody is working on his debut mixtape, Livin’ On The Flow, which will be co sponsored by Grind Or Die and he’s on a mission to hit 1,000 FB fans before he does it. So to celebrate hitting 700 he dropped off a track over J Cole’s, Who Dat. I can’t describe the track without sounding like a total jackass so i’ll just say this: K-Woody is making moves and he has the potential to become a huge indie artist and hopefully make it into the industry.

If he does I will be proud to say that I personally have rooted for this guy from the moment I first heard him rap. When you truly do something for the love and nothing else then it just seems to click. Check the track, show Woody some love and then in a few years when he’s dropping tracks for hitting 20,000 and 50,000 FB fans and twitter followers come back here so I can say “I told you so.” Here’s the track. Facebook page and Twitter. Show Woody some love and let him know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “K-Woody-Who Dat (J Cole remix)

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  2. […] K-Woody-Who Dat (J Cole remix) (grindordie.wordpress.com) […]

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