Don’t call it a comeback!

So for those of you who don’t know; GrindOrDie has been on a little break for the last month or so. The break came about because I was getting completely swamped with college work and actual work and some stuff I had going on in my life. But, I’ve taken some time and did a bit of searching and I figured out something. The blog might not be Complex or Pigeons&Planes or ThisSongIsSick but it’s mine and it seems like it has touched some people maybe not deeply but people are submitting music to me and the blog is still getting hits even though it’s been down for a while. So obviously I was doing something right.

I was lying in bed last night surfing the net and listening to some music and it hit me. I was wasting time and doing jack shit! The blog was originally something I had to do for college but it turned into something I did because I wanted to and because I liked it. So from now on I’m going to post one post a day….hopefully. Well I’ll try and that’s all I can ask of myself really. So, they may not be wordy, they may not my best work and they may not be to your liking but they will be back on GrindOrDie. Spread the word.

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