K-Woody-Livin’ On The Flow (Mixtape)

One of the most underrated indie artists is back, K-Woody finally hit 1000 likes on the artist page and as promised, we got Livin’ On The Flow. The tape is Woody’s debut and it’s a mix of some older beats and a few new ones. The tape was written, edited and mastered by Woody. There’s even a track over Jon Kilmer Studios Midnight Rider beat. Hell, Woody even went over the same Cutlery beat that Hi-Rez went over for Ooh ChildThe tape is a mix of some party songs like Livin’ On The Flow and Midnight Rider. 

K-Woody has been slowly building his fan base and it looks like word has spread. In a couple of weeks the artist page went from 900 likes to 1004. And how can you not like this kid when he puts out consistently good songs and can go over almost any beat. Hit the jump for the rest of the post and download link.

My favourite songs off the tape have to be, Save The World Tonight, Thanks Mom and Escape The Blues. The three songs are totally different with Save The World Tonight having a more acoustic feel to it and being more about how Woody feels as an artist trying to make it.

Thanks Mom is the typical rapper’s shout out to their Mom with a twist. The song is about his Mom’s part in his childhood and how the relationship got stronger when he went to college. It’s nothing new but the delivery makes it something special. The beat captures a sense of nostalgia and you almost feel like you’re seeing this happen in front of you.

And Escape The Blues is just an amazing song. The beat, for one thing has been rapped over by an extremely talented artist already so it’s nice to see another up and comer try his hand. Woody kills it and I would love to see a mash up or remix of Ooh Child and Escape The Blues. Hint hint anyone?

All in all, Livin’ On The Flow is an amazing tape and it has something on it for everyone. Woody shows his diversity on the tape and hopefully he will have more tracks and tapes to come. But for now, just download the tape below and sit back and enjoy the music. Follow K-Woody on Twitter, like the artist page on Facebook and show him some love.

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