CrossoverKidz-Thrill Of It (Official music video)

Every so often I get an e-mail or a tweet from someone who manages a group or an aspiring rapper or singer who wants me to do a post on their new song or video. Most of the time i’ll listen to the stuff and usually do a post on it if I like it or think you guys will enjoy it. But a while back I got an e-mail putting me onto this new group called CrossoverKidz.

Check out the video above. Anyways, I gave the song a listen and I was really surprised. I’d expected a lot less professional if i’m being honest. The video is perfect for the mood of the song, a laid back track that samples Empire Of The Sun’s song Walking On A Dream. The track is really chilled out but it makes you want to party as well, it’s a weird mix but it works. The song flows perfectly and when the end eventually does come you’re gonna want to hit replay a few more times!

There is not enough good things I can say about the video and the song. The video itself is incredibly dope, there’s some sick visuals and some sick typography and the whole video just comes together brilliantly. The perfect mix of having fun and making music. That’s all i’m gonna say. So follow the guys on Twitter and like the Facebook page.

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