Quick update.

So…it’s been a tough few weeks for me. Some stuff to do with my job and then some college stuff and then the videos on the blog weren’t working. Anyways, after all that it seems like thing might finally be looking up. The blog hasn’t always been at the front of my mind and i’ll admit that sometimes it has been a pain to sit down and try to think of stuff to write but now I seem to be hitting my stride.

If you keep up with the blog you will have noticed that the videos on the site were tiny, it was like looking at a thumbnail instead of the video. That put the blog on hold for a while because there is no point in posting videos if you can’t see the video. But thanks to an awesome group of people on the WordPress forums, the issue has been fixed. I cannot thank these people enough and it is because of them that the blog is now back to it’s original form. Hopefully I can keep up with the music and get a few posts out a week.

There will not be as much content as bigger sites have but what I do have is an honest opinion and a love of music. Hopefully I can pass the love of music onto others, that is the main message of the blog. I am only one person, I have no design team, no advertising team and no help from anyone other than myself. It’s just me, my computer and some music and I hope that you like it.

Expect posts soon.


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