Paradigm – The Time Traveler (Demo mix)

Every so often I like to go onto Facebook and go and browse the music pages hoping to find some hidden gems or maybe some dope new artist. Usually I’ll end up liking about two dozen new pages, mostly Indie bands and Hip Hop producers or that sort of stuff. Recently I found a guy called Paradigm and when his stuff started showing up on my timeline I was impressed. For those of you who don’t know Paradigm, he’s a Dubstep/Electro producer from North Carolina and he’s only 19. It’s Dubstep without all the stuff that I normally hate about the genre. And I was even more surprised when I noticed that the guy has less than 2000 likes! Hit the jump for the track and the rest of the post.

Dubstep is a pretty oversaturated genre at the moment. When it began to gain popularity in the mainstream everyone jumped on the bandwagon and dropped numerous remixes, mash ups etc. But what made it through to mainstream began to get watered down, it ended up like a clone of its former self. When you listen to any of Paradigm’s tracks you’ll see that this guy doesn’t believe in all that. The Time Traveler is a more laid back track than most of what he’s put out but for a demo mix it’s unreal! The track goes from strength to strength and when that drop hits, you know about it. Paradigm leads you along the path and when you can’t take the suspense any more he drops it.

That’s pretty much all I’m gonna say for now. If you like Dubstep and you like Electro then you’ll be doing both yourself and your eardrums a favour by liking Paradigm’s Facebook page and following him on Soundcloud. You won’t regret it!

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