Devlin – Watchtower ft Ed Sheeran (Official video)

For a blog based in Ireland I don’t post much music from Ireland or England but today that’s gonna change.

The video above is for the single Watchtower from English rapper, Devlin. The track samples The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s  legendary song, All Along The Watchtower. The song isn’t your typical rap track, it goes from loud and in your face to slowed down and chilled out before jumping into the rock instrumental. Ed Sheeran sings Bob Dylans part from the original track as well.

The video works perfectly with the song and all in all it’s definitely a song that needs to be played at high volumes. The only criticism I have about the video is the fact that they left in all the background noise and the audio from the video itself. The added audio makes the track feel like it’s part of a bigger movie and I hope they make a sequel to the video.

You will need to watch this video three times at least. Once for the actual video itself, once to listen to the song itself and finally you will need to turn it up and press play. Follow Devlin and Ed on Twitter and check out their Facebook pages, DevlinEd Sheeran.

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