K-Woody – People I’ve Met EP

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K-Woody, the up and coming rapper from Boston dropped the amazing People I’ve Met EP yesterday. The EP was recorded and engineered by the uber talented One Love from Kinetics & One Love. I was a little late in copping it due to my internet kicking the bucket but damn it was worth the wait. If you read the blog at all you’ll know that I cannot get enough of Woody’s tracks. The dude consistently puts out good music with a message behind it. Livin’ On The Flow was Woody’s first solo tape and he has come a long way since that.

People I’ve Met  is the best work that Woody has put out yet. The production, features, lyrics and message all come together seamlessly and they deliver one hell of a mixtape. You may have already heard two of the tracks off the EP, Roll With Me and What’s RealThere is something for everyone on the EP and I guarantee that you will find at least one song that you can relate to. Hit the jump to read the rest and get the download link.

With features from a host of different artists this project is not confined to just one genre. People I’ve Met is the most sincere, real piece of music that I have heard in a long time. The title of the project came from the fact that Woody wanted to get as many of the people he has met on his journey involved and the results speak for themselves. I’ve said it already but I’m gonna say it again, there truly is a track for everyone on this EP. K-Woody has come a long way in a short time and I honestly cannot wait to see how he tries to top this. Download People I’ve Met over at Datpiff.com here. And if you haven’t already then follow K-Woody on Twitter, like his Facebook page and follow him on SoundCloud.

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