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Logic-Young Sinatra: Undeniable. Mixtape

I’ve been a fan of Logic since I heard his “Young, Broke & Infamous”. When you first hear Logic rap you can tell that he’s not a one trick artist. He can go over a beat and make a party track and he can do the chill stuff too. But for me, where Logic really comes into his own is when he slows it all down and lays down an introspective track. Tracks like “Sellin Drugs” and ” ” are, for me, where Logic really stands out.  There is a rawness to Logic that make his songs relate-able,  when you hear him rap about his mother and growing up in “Dear God” you can feel the emotion and Logic makes you feel like you’re there. It’s a hard thing to describe just how good this tape is. Logic has pulled off the balance perfectly and there’s even a pretty funny skit in there too.

All in all, Logic has made a massive leap from his last tape and he doesn’t show any signs of letting up anytime soon. That’s all i’ll say on this tape. Give it a listen and then make your own mind up, if you are not into Logic as an artist after listening to this then you’re doing life wrong. Like Logic on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter

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CrossoverKidz-Thrill Of It (Official music video)

Every so often I get an e-mail or a tweet from someone who manages a group or an aspiring rapper or singer who wants me to do a post on their new song or video. Most of the time i’ll listen to the stuff and usually do a post on it if I like it or think you guys will enjoy it. But a while back I got an e-mail putting me onto this new group called CrossoverKidz.

Check out the video above. Anyways, I gave the song a listen and I was really surprised. I’d expected a lot less professional if i’m being honest. The video is perfect for the mood of the song, a laid back track that samples Empire Of The Sun’s song Walking On A Dream. The track is really chilled out but it makes you want to party as well, it’s a weird mix but it works. The song flows perfectly and when the end eventually does come you’re gonna want to hit replay a few more times!

There is not enough good things I can say about the video and the song. The video itself is incredibly dope, there’s some sick visuals and some sick typography and the whole video just comes together brilliantly. The perfect mix of having fun and making music. That’s all i’m gonna say. So follow the guys on Twitter and like the Facebook page.

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K-Woody-Livin’ On The Flow (Mixtape)

One of the most underrated indie artists is back, K-Woody finally hit 1000 likes on the artist page and as promised, we got Livin’ On The Flow. The tape is Woody’s debut and it’s a mix of some older beats and a few new ones. The tape was written, edited and mastered by Woody. There’s even a track over Jon Kilmer Studios Midnight Rider beat. Hell, Woody even went over the same Cutlery beat that Hi-Rez went over for Ooh ChildThe tape is a mix of some party songs like Livin’ On The Flow and Midnight Rider. 

K-Woody has been slowly building his fan base and it looks like word has spread. In a couple of weeks the artist page went from 900 likes to 1004. And how can you not like this kid when he puts out consistently good songs and can go over almost any beat. Hit the jump for the rest of the post and download link. Continue reading

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K-Woody-D.A.N.C.E (Remix)

K-Woody dropped the cover for his debut tape, Livin' On The Flow when he hit 900 fans on Facebook.

K-Woody is on the road to 1000. The up and comer from Boston has finally hit 900 fans on the Facebook page and to thank the fans he dropped a track and the cover for Livin’ On The Flow. The track is a remix of Justice’s D.A.N.C.E and as per usual, K-Woody kills it. I’m not sure if the track he dropped is the full version or just a preview to tide fans over til Livin’ On The Flow drops but once again it shows Woody’s diversity and how he can jump on anything and spit some sick bars. Check out K-Woody’s Facebook fanpage here and help him get to 1000 fans before he drops LOTF. And be sure to follow him on Twitter for updates on the tape and all new music.

Oh and did I forget to mention, Livin’ On The Flow drops on April 12th 2012. 8DAYS until Livin’ On The Flow.


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Logic-The Spotlight (Official video)

I recently downloaded Logic’s, Young Sinatra, mixtape and now I can’t get enough of the Maryland rapper. This kid has amazing skill on the mic and his flow is sick.The sample in the song is from Justice’s, D.A.N.C.E and Logic absolutely kills it.
If you haven’t downloaded Young Sinatra then you can cop it below. Show Logic some love on Twitter and Facebook.

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K-Woody-Who Dat (J Cole remix)

When you sit down to write a post on an artist, it’s not that hard. Give your opinion of the track, album, video, concert etc and maybe put in a link to the track or a stream and a pic.

But then you get artists who don’t make it that easy. The up and coming K-Woody is one of those artists who seem determined to make doing a post about them so damn hard. How do you write about a guy who can change his style from deep and chilled to energetic and ready to party in just two songs? A guy who is still pretty young and has tonnes of potential? And a guy who can take on a J Cole sample and make me like it! So that’s why this post has taken so long. And seeing as it’s now 4am and I cannot sleep I have decided to tackle this head on. If I sound pretentious then screw it. Hit the jump. Continue reading

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Mike Ballz-The World According To Ballz (Review)

Today I decided to do something different. I’ve been doing the blog for a while and I’ve decided that i’m going to try and do more features and reviews. Stuff like that that I can sink my teeth into and do some real writing. I like the shorter posts I do but I really want to start doing some longer stuff just to try it out and see what hapens.

If you guys like it then share it or follow me on Twitter and let me know what you think. And if you hate it then share it and follow me on Twitter and let me know where I went wrong.

So the other day I got an e-mail linking me to a new mixtape from a guy called Mike Ballz. Mike is a rapper, producer from Massachusetts and according to his Facebook profile he began his rap career as a joke in High School but decided to keep doing it when he found out that he actually liked. Now if i’m going to be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much. When I saw “The  World According To Ballz” by Mike Ballz, I thought it was gonna be another frat rap kid with an arsenal full of ball jokes. (No offence to Mike by the way, just my first impression from the name.) Hit the jump for the rest of the review… Continue reading

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Jeu Green-Zig-Zag’s & Snapbacks

He looks like a young Mac Miller, well a younger Mac Miller. But that is where the similarities stop. Jeu Green is the dude in question and he has just dropped his debut mixtape, “Zig-Zag’s & Snapbacks”

Hit the jump for the rest of the article.

Continue reading

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Bramzwig-The Roaring Twenty Mixtape

Bramzwig, the guy who gave us “Doing It Big” and “Glitter Ain’t Gold” is back with his debut mixtape, hosted by Mr Peter Parker. The Roaring Twenty is Bramzwig’s first mixtape but from listening to it you would think he’s been on his grind for years. The tape blends party music like “Doing It Big” with more slow paced tracks like “See Me Stuntin'” and “Time Will Tell”.

All in all Bramzwig is staying true to who he is and like his track, he’s “Doing It Big”. And he is definitely one to watch. Hit the jump  to download the tape. Continue reading

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T.I-Fuck Da City Up

T.I wanted to make sure that people didn’t forget about him while we wait for “Trouble Man” to drop. So he decided to start the new year off with some new music. A whole mixtape to be specific. With features from Nelly, Meek Mill, B.O.B, Pusha t and Dr Dre. T.I goes hard on the tape and it’s a perfect way to start off the new year.

You can find the tape here and you can jump on Twitter and show T.I/T.I.P some love for the new music.

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