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Quick update.

So…it’s been a tough few weeks for me. Some stuff to do with my job and then some college stuff and then the videos on the blog weren’t working. Anyways, after all that it seems like thing might finally be looking up. The blog hasn’t always been at the front of my mind and i’ll admit that sometimes it has been a pain to sit down and try to think of stuff to write but now I seem to be hitting my stride.

If you keep up with the blog you will have noticed that the videos on the site were tiny, it was like looking at a thumbnail instead of the video. That put the blog on hold for a while because there is no point in posting videos if you can’t see the video. But thanks to an awesome group of people on the WordPress forums, the issue has been fixed. I cannot thank these people enough and it is because of them that the blog is now back to it’s original form. Hopefully I can keep up with the music and get a few posts out a week.

There will not be as much content as bigger sites have but what I do have is an honest opinion and a love of music. Hopefully I can pass the love of music onto others, that is the main message of the blog. I am only one person, I have no design team, no advertising team and no help from anyone other than myself. It’s just me, my computer and some music and I hope that you like it.

Expect posts soon.


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K-Woody-D.A.N.C.E (Remix)

K-Woody dropped the cover for his debut tape, Livin' On The Flow when he hit 900 fans on Facebook.

K-Woody is on the road to 1000. The up and comer from Boston has finally hit 900 fans on the Facebook page and to thank the fans he dropped a track and the cover for Livin’ On The Flow. The track is a remix of Justice’s D.A.N.C.E and as per usual, K-Woody kills it. I’m not sure if the track he dropped is the full version or just a preview to tide fans over til Livin’ On The Flow drops but once again it shows Woody’s diversity and how he can jump on anything and spit some sick bars. Check out K-Woody’s Facebook fanpage here and help him get to 1000 fans before he drops LOTF. And be sure to follow him on Twitter for updates on the tape and all new music.

Oh and did I forget to mention, Livin’ On The Flow drops on April 12th 2012. 8DAYS until Livin’ On The Flow.


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Don’t call it a comeback!

So for those of you who don’t know; GrindOrDie has been on a little break for the last month or so. The break came about because I was getting completely swamped with college work and actual work and some stuff I had going on in my life. But, I’ve taken some time and did a bit of searching and I figured out something. The blog might not be Complex or Pigeons&Planes or ThisSongIsSick but it’s mine and it seems like it has touched some people maybe not deeply but people are submitting music to me and the blog is still getting hits even though it’s been down for a while. So obviously I was doing something right.

I was lying in bed last night surfing the net and listening to some music and it hit me. I was wasting time and doing jack shit! The blog was originally something I had to do for college but it turned into something I did because I wanted to and because I liked it. So from now on I’m going to post one post a day….hopefully. Well I’ll try and that’s all I can ask of myself really. So, they may not be wordy, they may not my best work and they may not be to your liking but they will be back on GrindOrDie. Spread the word.

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K-Woody-Who Dat (J Cole remix)

When you sit down to write a post on an artist, it’s not that hard. Give your opinion of the track, album, video, concert etc and maybe put in a link to the track or a stream and a pic.

But then you get artists who don’t make it that easy. The up and coming K-Woody is one of those artists who seem determined to make doing a post about them so damn hard. How do you write about a guy who can change his style from deep and chilled to energetic and ready to party in just two songs? A guy who is still pretty young and has tonnes of potential? And a guy who can take on a J Cole sample and make me like it! So that’s why this post has taken so long. And seeing as it’s now 4am and I cannot sleep I have decided to tackle this head on. If I sound pretentious then screw it. Hit the jump. Continue reading

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Antoine Dodson ft Brent Morgan-Lovesick Lullaby

Do you remember this guy?

Before you read this post, take a long look at that picture. If you know who that guy is then keep reading, if not then click here.

That guy is Antoine Dodson and he went viral after he gave an interview to a tv station after the attempted rape of his sister. Now this isn’t going to be a dark post or a post about what happened. Click the link here to see the interview and news piece on the event. Anyway after he became famous he apparently decided to become a proper singer, you know..the one that doesn’t auto-tune everything and actually sings instead of the mish mash that was the schmoyo video. Hit the jump for the video for Antoine’s song. Continue reading

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WZRD-Teleport To Me, Jamie

WZRD (Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius) are a Punk/Alternative group. I posted a track they did a while back called “Brake”. Now like most people I was skeptical, I mean it’s Kid Cudi!! The most laid back guy I can imagine, The Lonely Stoner doing Punk/Alternative? I didn’t think it would work as well as it has, but just give the track a listen. WZRD drops their full album on February 28th and I think I may have to go out and buy it. The song is laid back and chilled out with a definite Cudi vibe to it but it has an alternative element to it too. It’s catchy as hell and it’s deep and meaningful.

From what I get from the song, it’s about Cudi talking about how he is with this girl but he never gets to spend time with her because they both have things to do. “Teleport To Me, Jamie” is a tale of Cudi’s heartbreak at not having the woman he loves with him. It’s a pretty moving song and maybe it’s just me but, I feel like you can feel the emotion in Cudi’s voice. Like I said, this is one album I’m definitely buying.

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Skylar Grey-The Buried Sessions Of Skylar Grey

I’m not too sure on the details of this one but from what I can gather, Skylar launched her new EP on Interscope records. The EP is called, “The Buried Sessions Of Skylar Grey” and it features her original demo and a take on Eminem and Rihannas “Love The Way You Lie” and Diddy Dirty Money’s “Coming Home”. All three tracks come in at exactly 1:30 or 1:31 when I refreshed the page…apparently you can buy the set as well? Who’d spend money for a set of songs, and I use the term “set” lightly that in total would add up to the amount of time it takes me to get out of bed in the mornings?

You can find the set after the jump. And sound off in the comments, I’d love to get your opinion on all this. I know and EP is supposed to be short and in essence, a preview, but would you really be tempted to but the actual thing after hearing the collected set in less than five minutes? Continue reading

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E-Dubble-Last Man Standing

When I first started this blog I honestly didn’t think I would have the chance to write a post on one of my favourite rappers, E-Dubble. But it seems that some prayers do get answered because Mr Dubble started the year off right with an anthem in “Last Man Standing”. For those of you who don’t know about E-Dub then here’s a small intro.

E-Dub is a beast on the mic and the big man hails from Philidelphia but now resides in Baltimore. And as for E-Dub’s style…well it’s party music, deep, emotional, sometimes political. In short, E-Dubble doesn’t confine himself to one style or genre. His tracks have had samples from Hanson, Lykke Li, Matthew Dear.  Hit the jump for the rest of the post.  Continue reading

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Timeflies on Fox

Just a short post. While you’re waiting on the newest Timeflies Tuesday the guys just dropped the clip of Fox’s Cotton Bowl using their hit song “Turn It Up”

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