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K-Woody – Heard Of Us

K-Woody dropped a brand new track over Drake’s “Lord Knows” beat on The Fresh Heir. The up and comer from Boston completely owns the track. The Track is called “Heard Of Us” and in it Woody talks about the 12for12 movement in Boston. For those of you who don’t know, 12for12 is a movement in Boston that is bringing the local Hip Hop scene together and trying to push it to prominence. You can check out some of the 12for12 cyphers here.

The flow in the track goes perfectly with the beat and Woody delivers some stunning lines ‘this that old school meets new school like reunions’ and ‘runnin’ with it like I’m Forrest’. K-Woody is one artist that constantly amazes me with his versatility and drive, there is no doubt that he is definitely one to watch and if you haven’t already then make sure you download his debut mixtape here, like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.


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Catalina Gonzalez-Keep On Loving Me w/video

I will admit to sleeping on this track for too long. But with College and work it’s been kind of hectic. Anyway back to the music.

Catalina Gonzalez is a singer/songwriter from Santiago, Chile. I have to give a massive shout to K-Woody for putting me on to her in the first place. Catalina is a bit different from most singer/songwriters in the fact that she raps as well. And she does it pretty damn well. Cat does a lot of covers but every so often she does something like this track and she kills it. I would love to see her put out a mixtape of some sort…do singers do mixtapes?

Back to business, in this track she jumps on a track from Onra called “Keep On Loving Me“. I have two things to say about this track. Firstly, Catalina can sing awesomely and secondly, she needs to do more rap’s. If you like the track then check Cat out on Twitter and like the Facebook page.

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2012 is here. New music on deck.

2012 (film)

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So 2012 is here and as part of my resolution I will be posting more music on here and I am also gonna introduce some features to the site. The new year will see the return of Mashup Mondays and Turn It Up Thursday. Hopefully 2012 will be as good a year for music as 2011 was. So let’s pour one out and get this year started right.

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Timeflies Thursday???

First off, sorry for being so late but the internet is a temperamental motherf****r. So Timeflies Tuesday is hitting you on a Thursday this week. Sorry about that.

So this week it seems like the guys are back home or at least they’re not on the road. This weeks TFT brings up back to the feel of the first few TFT’s. Res writes down a few topics, this week to do with Thanksgiving, and Cal does what he does best and drops a sick free over it all.

So hit the jump and check out the sick Timflies Tuesday!! Continue reading

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Just dropped SoLo. More soon.

Just copped this when I was on Twitter.

SoLo (@itstherealsolo) just dropped a new track. Can You Hear Me Now – SoLo (feat. Young Mel & Swagga Bob) More info when I can post a lengthier post.

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Chris Webby.

Lately I’ve been really into Chris Webby. The guys a rapper with some serious flow. He hails from Norwalk, Connecticut  and he doesn’t let you forget it. Webby reps Connecticut hard. Shouts of CT are littered throughout his songs.

Webby has one of the most prolific careers of an unsigned rapper. With six mixtapes in the last year alone.

Lately Webby has been getting some exposure after appearing on MTV’s ‘Sucka Free Countdown’ And just when you think you have Webby worked out think again. This ‘white boy’ rapper raps about everything from weed ‘La la la’ to embracing his A.D.D and killing beats ‘A.D.D’ Webby has one of the most unique flows of anyone I’ve ever heard he can go from deep and emotional to happy in the same line.

You can check Webby out on Facebook at or Twitter @ChrisWebby.


So as part of my college course I have to make a blog. This is it. And this is my first post on this blog. Hopefully I will keep a constant flow of material going here. Reviews, opinion, features and music industry news. Expect to see a lot of indie artists and some more mainstream music. Everything from Dance to Rap, Dubstep to Rock.


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