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Robin Thicke ~ Blurred Lines/Rant about the state of the music industry.

I originally set out to write this post on the video to Robin Thicke’s song, Blurred Lines. It’s a catchy song and I figured the video would be pretty good too. Then I went on YouTube and saw the video. That’s when I decided that I cannot, in good conscience do a serious post on the song or the video. The song itself is pretty decent, it’s not ground breaking or anything like that but it’s a catchy song. The video on the other hand completely epitomises what I imagine the stereotypical music video to be. Before I go any further let me just say this, above is the video I first saw for the song. Typical bullshit video with money, women and jewellery.

I then found out that there is another video for that song. A completely official and 100% done by the exact same people video. The only difference is that in the second “unrated” video the women are naked. Someone looked at that video and decided that, “Semi naked women are cool. But you know what’s really cool? Naked chicks!” Seriously, what kind of thought process goes into making an almost exact replica with just one minor difference? The video won’t be seen by many people because it’s not going to be shown on tv or anything like that. It’s a complete and utter waste of money.

If you want to leave then this is your chance, if you want to keep going and read my rant on the state of the music industry then hit the jump.  Continue reading

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Hendersin – The World Is Yours (Montage)

It’s been almost a month since Hendersin dropped this track but I felt like it definitely deserved a post. The track is mostly a thank you from Henny to the fans for sticking with him and bumping his stuff from the beginning. As usual Hendersin kills it, the message, the flow…everything in the track is just on point.

It shows that Hendersin isn’t going to let people put him in a box, he has a diverse style and he can jump on any track and make it his own. The video isn’t an official video it’s more of a montage of the highlights and the journey that Hendersin has gone through to get to where he is now. Hendersin has been grinding hard since day one and he’s finally getting the attention he deserves so if you liked the song then make sure to follow him on Twitter or like his Facebook page.

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Nu-Centz – Do You Really Love Me ft Funzo (Official video)

It’s been a good while since I posted something on here and I figured I start back with an underrated Irish artist. Nu-Centz is an Irish Hip Hop artist that’s been making music for quite a while, he’s been a major player in the underground Hip Hop scene in Dublin but he started to get major attention when he won a competition to have Lupe Fiasco feature on a track with him. You can find it here.

Nu-Centz has gained fans with his lyrics, flow and the message behind his tracks. He raps about coming up in the city, the challenges we all face and the state of Ireland as a whole. He manages to do all this without sounding preachy or making you feel like he’s trying to push his message down your throat. Nu-Centz is one of the best Irish rappers around and he’s helping to push Irish Hip Hop from the underground to a more mainstream audience.

As always, if you like what you hear then check out Nu-Centz on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.


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Dada Life – Feed The Dada (Official music video)

Dada Life dropped the video for their massive Electro banger which has “the biggest drop ever” according to the guys. I’m not too sure about having the biggest drop ever but it is a pretty sick track. Check out the video above and lemme know what you think below in the comments.

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Catalina Gonzalez – Proof ft Diego Troncoso

Catalina Gonzalez is back with the first single off her upcoming EP, Old Soul, New Voice. The song was originally written back in 2005 and according to Cat the EP will focus on “Taking the past, reflecting on it in the present and move on to the future.”

The song is slow and melodic in places but has an upbeat chorus. I knew Cat could sing but the single truly showcases her talent as both a songwriter and a singer. Proof is a heartfelt and emotional song that really takes you on a journey and lets you experience some of the journey Cat has been on. If the EP is half as good as this song then Cat will definitely have an amazing EP on her hands. In case you haven’t heard, Old Soul, New Voice is released on July 23rd.

Like Cat’s Facebook page, follow her on Twitter and make sure you get the EP when it’s released.

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Cinema (Skrillex) X Disperate Youth (Santigold) acapella remix

Even as I wrote it, that title sounded confusing. But what other way could I put it. Basically I saw this video about a week back and I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s real or fake. And from what I can gather and from the other videos on Mike’s Youtube page, it’s the real deal.

The video is part beatboxing, part Ableton mastery and part epic Dubstep faces from Mike. It’s a step away from what he usually does but there’s no denying that he has some serious talent. At points it’s hard to believe that this is actually just one guy and some software making this.

Even if you don’t like Dubstep you need to watch the video just for the sheer talent that this guy has. If you like what you hear then please follow Mike on Twitter, like his facebook page and subscribe to his Youtube here.

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Crossover Kidz – His Pain II. Do or Die series part 2

The Crossover Kidz are back with the second instalment of their Do or Die series. This week the track is a bit shorter and is the complete opposite to what we saw in the first week. The track called His Pain II is a piano driven chilled out track.  It has a more jazzy feel to it but is just as dope as the last track. Keep an eye out for the next part and in the mean time follow the Crossover Kidz on Twitter and like the page on Facebook to keep up with all the new music.

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Timeflies – We Found Love

It’s nearly 4am and I just saw this on Youtube. Timeflies drop a video to a brand new track off their upcoming mixtape. This track is classic Timeflies with massive bass, some sick sampling and Cal laying down some slick vocals.  Expect big things from these guys in the near future. For now, turn it up and demolish that replay button. Follow the guys on Twitter and like the Facebook page to keep up with all the news on the upcoming mixtape and the all original album they have in the works. You can download the song here.

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Devlin – Watchtower ft Ed Sheeran (Official video)

For a blog based in Ireland I don’t post much music from Ireland or England but today that’s gonna change.

The video above is for the single Watchtower from English rapper, Devlin. The track samples The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s  legendary song, All Along The Watchtower. The song isn’t your typical rap track, it goes from loud and in your face to slowed down and chilled out before jumping into the rock instrumental. Ed Sheeran sings Bob Dylans part from the original track as well.

The video works perfectly with the song and all in all it’s definitely a song that needs to be played at high volumes. The only criticism I have about the video is the fact that they left in all the background noise and the audio from the video itself. The added audio makes the track feel like it’s part of a bigger movie and I hope they make a sequel to the video.

You will need to watch this video three times at least. Once for the actual video itself, once to listen to the song itself and finally you will need to turn it up and press play. Follow Devlin and Ed on Twitter and check out their Facebook pages, DevlinEd Sheeran.

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MGK – Highline Ballroom Soundcheck

After MGK was banned from performing at the Highline Ballroom by the NYPD he took to Twitter to let the fans know he had something in store for them.

The result is the sick Highline Ballroom Soundcheck. MGK goes over Biggie’s Dead Wrong and destroys it. MGK raps about the Freshman issue of XXL and people sleeping on his music. Check the video out and follow MGK on Twitter and like the Facebook page.

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