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K-Woody – Heard Of Us

K-Woody dropped a brand new track over Drake’s “Lord Knows” beat on The Fresh Heir. The up and comer from Boston completely owns the track. The Track is called “Heard Of Us” and in it Woody talks about the 12for12 movement in Boston. For those of you who don’t know, 12for12 is a movement in Boston that is bringing the local Hip Hop scene together and trying to push it to prominence. You can check out some of the 12for12 cyphers here.

The flow in the track goes perfectly with the beat and Woody delivers some stunning lines ‘this that old school meets new school like reunions’ and ‘runnin’ with it like I’m Forrest’. K-Woody is one artist that constantly amazes me with his versatility and drive, there is no doubt that he is definitely one to watch and if you haven’t already then make sure you download his debut mixtape here, like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.


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K-Woody-D.A.N.C.E (Remix)

K-Woody dropped the cover for his debut tape, Livin' On The Flow when he hit 900 fans on Facebook.

K-Woody is on the road to 1000. The up and comer from Boston has finally hit 900 fans on the Facebook page and to thank the fans he dropped a track and the cover for Livin’ On The Flow. The track is a remix of Justice’s D.A.N.C.E and as per usual, K-Woody kills it. I’m not sure if the track he dropped is the full version or just a preview to tide fans over til Livin’ On The Flow drops but once again it shows Woody’s diversity and how he can jump on anything and spit some sick bars. Check out K-Woody’s Facebook fanpage here and help him get to 1000 fans before he drops LOTF. And be sure to follow him on Twitter for updates on the tape and all new music.

Oh and did I forget to mention, Livin’ On The Flow drops on April 12th 2012. 8DAYS until Livin’ On The Flow.


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K-Woody-Here’s To Fame

K-Woody dropped off this track to celebrate reaching 575 fans on Facebook.  The track is off Woody’s upcoming mixtape, “Living On The Flow”. It samples Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” and as per usual, Woody nails it.

I can’t wait for the tape to drop. If it’s anything like what Woody’s been releasing up til now then it should be awesome. You can find the track on K-Woody’s Reverbnation page here. And like K-Woody’s fan page on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

And being even more generous, K-Woody is dropping another track off the tape when he hits 600 likes on the page. So go like that now!

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K-Woody-Break Loose

Two in a row from K-Woody. The up and comer from Massachusetts is doing big things and with his latest track, “Break Loose” Woody gives us a cut off his new mixtape “Living On The Flow”. And he just hit 500 fans on the Facebook page.

Told you this kid was gonna do big things. “Break Loose” is a little different from other songs in the fact that it has no chorus, no hook and just one continuous verse. The song is catchy and the beat features a sample from someone who sounds a lot like James Brown (actually the guy could be James Brown but the beat is a song called “Break Loose” by a guy called Gramatik. Thanks to K-Woody) The beat is sick and I love the way Woody just jumps in without a chorus or hook. The song ends up sounding like you turned it on in the middle of a longer song…if that makes sense. Anyway, Woody makes the beat his own and drops a sweet few verses. Definitely cannot wait to see the mixtape when it comes out and cannot wait to see what this guy does when he gets a little more experience. Dude’s only 18.

Anyway hit the jump to catch the song and the original by Gramatik.  Continue reading

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