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Timeflies – We Found Love

It’s nearly 4am and I just saw this on Youtube. Timeflies drop a video to a brand new track off their upcoming mixtape. This track is classic Timeflies with massive bass, some sick sampling and Cal laying down some slick vocals.  Expect big things from these guys in the near future. For now, turn it up and demolish that replay button. Follow the guys on Twitter and like the Facebook page to keep up with all the news on the upcoming mixtape and the all original album they have in the works. You can download the song here.

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Timeflies Tuesday: Time Of Your Life

It’s been too long since I posted Timeflies on the blog so here they are, back with a vengeance! The guys have been giving us good music each week for over a year now and they have decided to take a break from the Timeflies Tuesday and focus on a much bigger project.

“We’re working on a couple new and exciting projects — the first is a mixtape, which will be coming out very soon. The second is an all original EP, which we’ll be focusing all of our attention on. So, after 68 consecutive weeks of Timeflies Tuesday, we are taking a short break to focus on getting you some new original music. But don’t you worry, Timeflies Tuesday will be back with a vengeance!”

Show the guys some love on Twitter and like the page on Facebook.

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Outasight feat. Timeflies-Tonight Is The Night (Timeflies Remix)

You do not know how good it feels to hear the Timeflies shoutout on a track that isn’t their own. The guys have been on their Timeflies Tuesday grind but it’s a breath of fresh air when they take a song and remix it and throw Cal in there too.

Like the guys on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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Timeflies on Fox

Just a short post. While you’re waiting on the newest Timeflies Tuesday the guys just dropped the clip of Fox’s Cotton Bowl using their hit song “Turn It Up”

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Timeflies Tuesday-2012

Timeflies are back on their grind in 2012. Starting the year off with an absolute banger tune. The guys lay down one of the longest Timeflies Tuesdays i’ve seen in a while. And true to their style Rez delivers an ultra sick “Clubstep” remix of Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj’s “2012” for Cal to do his thing over. This track is truly a new step for Timeflies and I can’t wait to see what the next 51 TFT’s hold.

Show the guys some love on Twitter and spread the word. Because we all know Timeflies.

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Timeflies Tuesday-2011

Ok so when I first saw this it was a tough decision. Post it now or wait til the New Year and post it then? Well the decision was a pretty tough one but I decided to wait until 2012 to drop this post. Anyway I usually like the Timeflies Tuesdays but this one gave me chills. The guys take a step back from the usual off the top freestyle and take a look at what happened to them in 2011. From starting up the Timeflies Tuesdays to their first show on a boat. The track is a nice change of pace and I wouldn’t mind seeing the guys throw out a few more tracks like this.

Rez lays down a totally sick beat with an “Auld Lang Syne” sample in there to make sure we know it’s a New Year for the guys. And Cal does what he does best and totally kills it. The song is deep and takes you on a journey with the guys from showing their first track to their friends to deciding to take a chance and make a go of making music as a career.

I for one cannot wait for 2012 Timeflies. If the guys have come this far in such a short time then there can only be bigger and better things on the horizon.

Hit the jump for the video. Continue reading

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Timeflies Tuesday-Christmas

I missed last weeks Timeflies Tuesday, well when I say missed I actually mean I got a little too drunk and wrote the post and thought I posted it but accidentally deleted it instead…..so Timeflies Tuesday is back on GrindOrDie.

This week the guys decided to flip one of the most well known Christmas songs, “Santa Clause is coming to town”. And at first I thought it was just Cal covering the song with a different beat but, true to Timeflies Tuesday Cal spits an off the cuff free made up of topics picked out of a pot.

As usual the beat is sick, massive shouts to Rez for consistently dropping fire for Cal to spit over. And yeah, that’s basically it. So, hit the jump and check the Timeflies Tuesday and then go wrap some holiday gifts, rage style! Continue reading

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Timeflies Tuesday-Big Ten

Timeflies Tuesday on a Tuesday. The guys are officially back on it. Here’s some background info on the freestlye. Last week Fox sports featured “Switchblade” on a highlight reel and the guys decided to drop a short TFT to let us all know they made it onto Fox and also…they are dropping a video for “Switchblade” at 10pm American time.

As usual Rez makes a dope beat and Cal just flows all over it and kills it, all in under a minute.

Hit the jump to catch the video and check back on the guys Youtube page later to see the video for “Switchblade” Continue reading

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Timeflies Tuesday-Space Jam

How else do you celebratethe end of the NBA lockout?

I finally figured out that I only get to see the Timeflies Tuesdays on Wednesday. So from now on that’s when you’ll get them. Anyway, back to business.

The NBA lockut finally ended……I have absolutely no idea what that was all about cos I don’t follow American basketball, so moving swiftly on. Yet again the guys completely destroyed it! To celebrate the end of the NBA lockout Cal and Res decided to do a basketball themed freestyle. Rez delivers a real sick dancey beat that sounds slightly Dubby and Cal just does what he does best. With Rez’s’ sick beats and Cal’s dope rhymes you have to wonder why they haven’t been snatched up by a major label yet. Maybe it’s because the stuff they come out with is too hard for radio. Anyway hope the guys make it sometime soon. But for now, sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy the awesomeness that is Timeflies Tuesday.

Hit the jump to catch the video. Continue reading

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Timeflies Thursday???

First off, sorry for being so late but the internet is a temperamental motherf****r. So Timeflies Tuesday is hitting you on a Thursday this week. Sorry about that.

So this week it seems like the guys are back home or at least they’re not on the road. This weeks TFT brings up back to the feel of the first few TFT’s. Res writes down a few topics, this week to do with Thanksgiving, and Cal does what he does best and drops a sick free over it all.

So hit the jump and check out the sick Timflies Tuesday!! Continue reading

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