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Catalina Gonzalez – Old Soul, New Voice EP


The amazing Catalina Gonzalez released her debut EP, Old Soul, New Voice on July 23rd and it is amazing. For those of you who, for some reason, don’t already know about Cat and her music: Catalina Gonzalez is a Chilean singer/songwriter who has been putting out both original songs and covers for a while now. Old Soul, New Voice is an all orignal, except one song, seven song EP. (With a little surprise for those of you who download it!) The EP showcases Cats amazing singing voice and her skill on the guitar.

Each song on the EP tells a story and the style varies from song to song. With an upbeat intro track leading straight into the absolutely beautiful and emotional, Proof. After listening to the EP for the fifth time in two days, I honestly can’t figure out why more people don’t know about Cat. You can download the EP below or you can get it here.

Make sure you like Cat’s page on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel to make sure you keep up to date with all the new music.


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Catalina Gonzalez – Proof ft Diego Troncoso

Catalina Gonzalez is back with the first single off her upcoming EP, Old Soul, New Voice. The song was originally written back in 2005 and according to Cat the EP will focus on “Taking the past, reflecting on it in the present and move on to the future.”

The song is slow and melodic in places but has an upbeat chorus. I knew Cat could sing but the single truly showcases her talent as both a songwriter and a singer. Proof is a heartfelt and emotional song that really takes you on a journey and lets you experience some of the journey Cat has been on. If the EP is half as good as this song then Cat will definitely have an amazing EP on her hands. In case you haven’t heard, Old Soul, New Voice is released on July 23rd.

Like Cat’s Facebook page, follow her on Twitter and make sure you get the EP when it’s released.

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Catalina Gonzalez-Keep On Loving Me w/video

I will admit to sleeping on this track for too long. But with College and work it’s been kind of hectic. Anyway back to the music.

Catalina Gonzalez is a singer/songwriter from Santiago, Chile. I have to give a massive shout to K-Woody for putting me on to her in the first place. Catalina is a bit different from most singer/songwriters in the fact that she raps as well. And she does it pretty damn well. Cat does a lot of covers but every so often she does something like this track and she kills it. I would love to see her put out a mixtape of some sort…do singers do mixtapes?

Back to business, in this track she jumps on a track from Onra called “Keep On Loving Me“. I have two things to say about this track. Firstly, Catalina can sing awesomely and secondly, she needs to do more rap’s. If you like the track then check Cat out on Twitter and like the Facebook page.

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