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K-Woody – People I’ve Met EP

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K-Woody, the up and coming rapper from Boston dropped the amazing People I’ve Met EP yesterday. The EP was recorded and engineered by the uber talented One Love from Kinetics & One Love. I was a little late in copping it due to my internet kicking the bucket but damn it was worth the wait. If you read the blog at all you’ll know that I cannot get enough of Woody’s tracks. The dude consistently puts out good music with a message behind it. Livin’ On The Flow was Woody’s first solo tape and he has come a long way since that.

People I’ve Met  is the best work that Woody has put out yet. The production, features, lyrics and message all come together seamlessly and they deliver one hell of a mixtape. You may have already heard two of the tracks off the EP, Roll With Me and What’s RealThere is something for everyone on the EP and I guarantee that you will find at least one song that you can relate to. Hit the jump to read the rest and get the download link.

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K-Woody – Be Easy

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen some new K-Woody but as expected he drops yet another great song. The track samples Radical Something’s, Be Easy. When I saw the cover art for the track I had guessed that Woody would do something with Radical Something’s track but this is way beyond what I expected.

Anyone who has listened to Woody knows that he is constantly evolving and keeps getting better with each track he puts out. Be Easy has a chilled out mellow vibe to it and it really shows how far Woody has come in the last year. The flow and beat come together perfectly and all in all it’s a perfect addition to the Summer playlist. Check out the song below… And if you haven’t done it already then follow K-Woody on Twitter, like the Facebook page and download his debut mixtape, Livin’ On The Flow here.


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Crossover Kidz – His Pain II. Do or Die series part 2

The Crossover Kidz are back with the second instalment of their Do or Die series. This week the track is a bit shorter and is the complete opposite to what we saw in the first week. The track called His Pain II is a piano driven chilled out track.  It has a more jazzy feel to it but is just as dope as the last track. Keep an eye out for the next part and in the mean time follow the Crossover Kidz on Twitter and like the page on Facebook to keep up with all the new music.

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Crossover Kidz – Everything I Am. Do or Die series part 1

The first time I did a post on the Crossover Kidz I was pretty blown away. The first track I heard from them was the uber catchy laid back, Thrill Of It. When I got an e-mail from the guys manager, Joe, telling me about a new series they were doing I was expecting something along the lines of Chris Webby’s A.D.D series or Wiz Khalifa’s Day Today. Instead I got an awesome track called Everything I Am. The track is slow and melodic and is definitely one for the Summer playlist when you want to just kick back and chill out. If all the Do or Die series is as good as this then I can’t wait to see what they come out with.

In the meantime follow the Crossover Kidz on Twitter and like the Facebook page

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CrossoverKidz-Thrill Of It (Official music video)

Every so often I get an e-mail or a tweet from someone who manages a group or an aspiring rapper or singer who wants me to do a post on their new song or video. Most of the time i’ll listen to the stuff and usually do a post on it if I like it or think you guys will enjoy it. But a while back I got an e-mail putting me onto this new group called CrossoverKidz.

Check out the video above. Anyways, I gave the song a listen and I was really surprised. I’d expected a lot less professional if i’m being honest. The video is perfect for the mood of the song, a laid back track that samples Empire Of The Sun’s song Walking On A Dream. The track is really chilled out but it makes you want to party as well, it’s a weird mix but it works. The song flows perfectly and when the end eventually does come you’re gonna want to hit replay a few more times!

There is not enough good things I can say about the video and the song. The video itself is incredibly dope, there’s some sick visuals and some sick typography and the whole video just comes together brilliantly. The perfect mix of having fun and making music. That’s all i’m gonna say. So follow the guys on Twitter and like the Facebook page.

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Radical Something-Wash Away (Official music video)

The guys from Radical Something are back. Hot off the heels of the release of their debut EP on iTunes the guys have dropped some chilled visuals for an unreleased song called Wash Away. The track is classic Radical Something with a guitar basetrack and some chill drums and just a generally chill Summery vibe to it. The video isn’t what you’d expect from a music video. The guys don’t sing to the camera or any of the stuff that is usally associated with music videos. It’s a video of Loggy, Josh and Big Red hanging out in a ditch, skating round and just looking like they’re having a really good time.

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G-Eazy-Marilyn feat Dominique LeJeune

If you don’t know G-Eazy then click this and thank me later. Like I said before, G is a different kind of rapper. He can do the whole money, cash, hoes thing if he wants but he chooses to go a different route and make catchy music that he likes and that others like too. G-Eazy’s music has a 50’s inspired vibe to it and it makes it a welcome change from the oversaturated “Frat Rap” genre. Show G-Eazy some love on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mike Ballz-The World According To Ballz (Review)

Today I decided to do something different. I’ve been doing the blog for a while and I’ve decided that i’m going to try and do more features and reviews. Stuff like that that I can sink my teeth into and do some real writing. I like the shorter posts I do but I really want to start doing some longer stuff just to try it out and see what hapens.

If you guys like it then share it or follow me on Twitter and let me know what you think. And if you hate it then share it and follow me on Twitter and let me know where I went wrong.

So the other day I got an e-mail linking me to a new mixtape from a guy called Mike Ballz. Mike is a rapper, producer from Massachusetts and according to his Facebook profile he began his rap career as a joke in High School but decided to keep doing it when he found out that he actually liked. Now if i’m going to be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much. When I saw “The  World According To Ballz” by Mike Ballz, I thought it was gonna be another frat rap kid with an arsenal full of ball jokes. (No offence to Mike by the way, just my first impression from the name.) Hit the jump for the rest of the review… Continue reading

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Jeu Green-Chain Smokin’ (Official video)

Jeu Green released the official video for “Chain Smokin'” a while back but for some reason I’ve slept on it for a bit longer than I meant to. But now I’m fixing that. Jeu Green is the guy who gave us the awesome, kushed up “Zig Zag’s & Snapbacks” And he made a sick chill video for the track Chain Smokin’.  The video is laid back and suits the flow of the song perfectly. From now on i’m keeping a closer eye on this kid. Jeu also drops a 420 Monday’s video each Monday, which I should check out. But for now enjoy the awesome visuals.

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Radical Something-We Are Radical (A Day In Rome)

It’s been too long since I did something on the Radical Something guys. So prepare for another Radical post quite soon, possibly in the next hour or two.

Anyway, back to the music. Radical Something released this video on their YouTube. Now It looks like it could be an unofficial official video until they make an actual video. That and the fact the song cuts out before the end and the talking at the start. Apart from that it could be an awesome video. The song is about the guys being different and chilling in places “like a vagabond” Actually, to be honest, I completely made that last line up.

If you want to leave it there and go away from this post without reading a mini rant about indie movements then leave now. Continue reading

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