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K-Woody-Save The World Tonight (Official music video)

Sometimes the simplest thing are the best. Like food, cars and music videos. I’m not saying that over the top, elaborate videos don’t have their place. They do. I like looking at Nicki Minaj in a cage as much as the next guy and don’t get me wrong, I love videos like Eminem and Dr Dre’s Guilty Conscience. But there’s just something about a simplistic, minimalist video that makes the music stand out. The whole point of a video is to get your music on the tv so it can be seen by more people. Isn’t it? So why have a video that has so much going on that you concentrate on that instead of the music!

And, when you’re an indie artist still in college trying to make a music video that is any good costs money. And aspiring musicians have very little of that going. So simple is best. K-Woody did just that in his first official video for the track, Save The World Tonight. Check it out. The video doesn’t rely on flashy visuals, it’s just Woody rapping in a few different places and it works. The video stands up on its merits and you can focus on the song not what’s happening in the video.

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T.I-Fuck Da City Up

T.I wanted to make sure that people didn’t forget about him while we wait for “Trouble Man” to drop. So he decided to start the new year off with some new music. A whole mixtape to be specific. With features from Nelly, Meek Mill, B.O.B, Pusha t and Dr Dre. T.I goes hard on the tape and it’s a perfect way to start off the new year.

You can find the tape here and you can jump on Twitter and show T.I/T.I.P some love for the new music.

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