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Dada Life – Feed The Dada (Official music video)

Dada Life dropped the video for their massive Electro banger which has “the biggest drop ever” according to the guys. I’m not too sure about having the biggest drop ever but it is a pretty sick track. Check out the video above and lemme know what you think below in the comments.

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Paradigm – The Time Traveler (Demo mix)

Every so often I like to go onto Facebook and go and browse the music pages hoping to find some hidden gems or maybe some dope new artist. Usually I’ll end up liking about two dozen new pages, mostly Indie bands and Hip Hop producers or that sort of stuff. Recently I found a guy called Paradigm and when his stuff started showing up on my timeline I was impressed. For those of you who don’t know Paradigm, he’s a Dubstep/Electro producer from North Carolina and he’s only 19. It’s Dubstep without all the stuff that I normally hate about the genre. And I was even more surprised when I noticed that the guy has less than 2000 likes! Hit the jump for the track and the rest of the post. Continue reading

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Dada Life-Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker

Firstly I would like to state that, yes that is in fact Dada Life dressed up as chefs holding bunches of bananas. The music hasn’t gotten to your brain just yet.

Dada Life are a Swedish House/Electronic duo. Well at least that’s what some people call them. To me, Dada Life are destroying genres and bringing Dance music back to its rawest form. The guys don’t make music for the faint hearted, their style is loud and rage filled. Listen to any of the tracks they’ve put out and you can see that these guys do not fuck around.

I first got into Dada Life after I copped a post on Thissongissick of the guys raging banger “Happy Violence”. If you like your music loud, bass filled and something you can instantly rage to then Dada Life are 100% for you. Who knew that two Swedish guys would be so good at making epic house/electro/dance music (Basshunter, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Eric Prydz).

Hit the jump to check out the video for the epic track and also the instrumental version on soundcloud. Continue reading

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Swedish House Mafia Vs Knife Party-Antidote (Official NSFW music video)

Nudity and graphic violence were two things I thought you couldn’t put on Youtube. But it seems like I was wrong. Either that or the Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party have some sort of shady connections that pop a nice crisp $50 bill in the pockets of the Youtube guys to let the video slide. That being said, the video is extremely odd.

It starts with a guy looking at a topless stripper and quickly evolves into a shootout in a stripclub. Cue guys with odd masks, pistols and lots of screaming. Honestly that is my only criticism of the entire video. I don’t mind the fact that the video makes little sense or the fact that a lot of the footage is shaky. I like the fact that it’s shot in the first person perspective and the shakiness adds to the realness of the whole thing. But one thing I can’t stand and I don’t know why they did this but the sound from the actual scene is still audible. You can hear people screaming, bottles smashing and gunshots. Why would you leave that in when you have a pretty decent Electronic song? Anyways hit the jump for the video and lemme know your thoughts. Continue reading

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