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K-Woody-Save The World Tonight (Official music video)

Sometimes the simplest thing are the best. Like food, cars and music videos. I’m not saying that over the top, elaborate videos don’t have their place. They do. I like looking at Nicki Minaj in a cage as much as the next guy and don’t get me wrong, I love videos like Eminem and Dr Dre’s Guilty Conscience. But there’s just something about a simplistic, minimalist video that makes the music stand out. The whole point of a video is to get your music on the tv so it can be seen by more people. Isn’t it? So why have a video that has so much going on that you concentrate on that instead of the music!

And, when you’re an indie artist still in college trying to make a music video that is any good costs money. And aspiring musicians have very little of that going. So simple is best. K-Woody did just that in his first official video for the track, Save The World Tonight. Check it out. The video doesn’t rely on flashy visuals, it’s just Woody rapping in a few different places and it works. The video stands up on its merits and you can focus on the song not what’s happening in the video.

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The impact of Twitter and Facebook on the indie artist. Part 2

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If you’ve been with the blog from the start, which I doubt anybody was seeing as it was never intended to be public, then you’ll remember a little rant/feature I did on how Twitter and Facebook have helped the indie artist. Well that post was pretty short and didn’t really make the point I thought it would. So because of that I’m officially revisiting the post with this part. Think of the first post as Eminem before he hit it big, pretty decent and made some good points but hadn’t much of an impact. And think of this post as Eminem when he went into the “Slim Shady” phase, made some good points (if a little crazy) and has much more of an impact…and hopefully this post reaches a much wider audience. So let’s jump right into it. Continue reading

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Skylar Grey-The Buried Sessions Of Skylar Grey

I’m not too sure on the details of this one but from what I can gather, Skylar launched her new EP on Interscope records. The EP is called, “The Buried Sessions Of Skylar Grey” and it features her original demo and a take on Eminem and Rihannas “Love The Way You Lie” and Diddy Dirty Money’s “Coming Home”. All three tracks come in at exactly 1:30 or 1:31 when I refreshed the page…apparently you can buy the set as well? Who’d spend money for a set of songs, and I use the term “set” lightly that in total would add up to the amount of time it takes me to get out of bed in the mornings?

You can find the set after the jump. And sound off in the comments, I’d love to get your opinion on all this. I know and EP is supposed to be short and in essence, a preview, but would you really be tempted to but the actual thing after hearing the collected set in less than five minutes? Continue reading

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Ok so Yelawolf isn’t really new to the rap game. He’s been putting out music for a while and with his Trunk Muzik mixtape he got some major attention, enough to get one of the greatest, if not the greatest rapper alive to take an interest in him. Eminem added Yelawolf to his Shady 2.0 stable along with Slaughterhouse. To me, it looks like he’s trying to make another D12 but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ll admit that I haven’t copped “Radioactive” yet but after hearing this tune off it i’m really tempted to go out and buy it. The tracks been getting a lot of hype because of who produced it, Diplo and Borgore, these guys are two extremely talented producers but they have totally different styles. Diplo is more laid back and drawn out dancey songs but Borgore is straight up Dubstep with massive filthy bass wobbles and a hyped up energy about them. Anyway these two guys came together on a track and then Yelawolf dropped some sick bars over it all. Hit the jump to hear the song. Continue reading

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