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FayBN ft 2econd Avenue-To Realize

Update: After exchanging a few messages Fabiansaid has been changed to his proper artists name of FayBN. Sorry about that man.

To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about this track or the guys behind it other than it is extremely catchy. And okay there seems to be a recurring God theme but who cares what the song is about when it’s so damn catchy and infectious. He could be rapping about plucking his toes for all I care. All I know is it is catchy and has a pretty dope beat to it and I hope you “Realize” a good song when you see/hear it. More info when I get it. UPDATE:After messaging FayBN and asking him to give me a bit of information he actually gave me quite a lot of info that I hadn’t expected. You can hit the jump to  find the main points of FayBN’s reply below and to hear the track… Continue reading

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