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Hendersin – The World Is Yours (Montage)

It’s been almost a month since Hendersin dropped this track but I felt like it definitely deserved a post. The track is mostly a thank you from Henny to the fans for sticking with him and bumping his stuff from the beginning. As usual Hendersin kills it, the message, the flow…everything in the track is just on point.

It shows that Hendersin isn’t going to let people put him in a box, he has a diverse style and he can jump on any track and make it his own. The video isn’t an official video it’s more of a montage of the highlights and the journey that Hendersin has gone through to get to where he is now. Hendersin has been grinding hard since day one and he’s finally getting the attention he deserves so if you liked the song then make sure to follow him on Twitter or like his Facebook page.

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Hendersin-Almost There

Hendersin is back on his grind. Already working on a new mixtape following the release of his fourth tape, I F.L.Y. Hendersin also hit 700 followers on Twitter, which is kind of insane that he has such a small amount of followers. Anyway Hendersin said he would release a track when he hit 700 and true to his word we get the awesome “Almost There”.

The track is about Hendersin’s  rise to where he is now and how he came from humble beginnings. That’s all I’m gonna say because this ong speaks for itself. If Hendersin drops a song like this just for reaching a certain number of followers the I honestly cannot wait for the next tape and the day he finally blows up. Hit the jump for the track and the download link. Continue reading

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Hendersin – I.F.L.Y (Official mixtape)

If you haven't copped it by now, then do it!!!

Hendersin finally dropped the highly anticipated “I.F.L.Y” and it was worth the wait. The tape has to be some on Hendersin’s best work to date. There are some sick features on the tape too, Mike Stud, Missy Modell, Colin McLoughlin and Kinetics of Kinetics&OneLove. There’s one sick freestlye which shows that Hendersin doesn’t just drop sick songs he can freestyle with the best of them! Some sick tracks on this, “Miles and Miles” and “All Eyes On Me” and “What You Looking At?” being three of the standout tracks of the tape.

Hit the jump to check the official visuals for “What You Looking At?” and download link…. Continue reading

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