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K-Woody – People I’ve Met EP

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K-Woody, the up and coming rapper from Boston dropped the amazing People I’ve Met EP yesterday. The EP was recorded and engineered by the uber talented One Love from Kinetics & One Love. I was a little late in copping it due to my internet kicking the bucket but damn it was worth the wait. If you read the blog at all you’ll know that I cannot get enough of Woody’s tracks. The dude consistently puts out good music with a message behind it. Livin’ On The Flow was Woody’s first solo tape and he has come a long way since that.

People I’ve Met  is the best work that Woody has put out yet. The production, features, lyrics and message all come together seamlessly and they deliver one hell of a mixtape. You may have already heard two of the tracks off the EP, Roll With Me and What’s RealThere is something for everyone on the EP and I guarantee that you will find at least one song that you can relate to. Hit the jump to read the rest and get the download link.

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Hendersin – The World Is Yours (Montage)

It’s been almost a month since Hendersin dropped this track but I felt like it definitely deserved a post. The track is mostly a thank you from Henny to the fans for sticking with him and bumping his stuff from the beginning. As usual Hendersin kills it, the message, the flow…everything in the track is just on point.

It shows that Hendersin isn’t going to let people put him in a box, he has a diverse style and he can jump on any track and make it his own. The video isn’t an official video it’s more of a montage of the highlights and the journey that Hendersin has gone through to get to where he is now. Hendersin has been grinding hard since day one and he’s finally getting the attention he deserves so if you liked the song then make sure to follow him on Twitter or like his Facebook page.

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Nu-Centz – Do You Really Love Me ft Funzo (Official video)

It’s been a good while since I posted something on here and I figured I start back with an underrated Irish artist. Nu-Centz is an Irish Hip Hop artist that’s been making music for quite a while, he’s been a major player in the underground Hip Hop scene in Dublin but he started to get major attention when he won a competition to have Lupe Fiasco feature on a track with him. You can find it here.

Nu-Centz has gained fans with his lyrics, flow and the message behind his tracks. He raps about coming up in the city, the challenges we all face and the state of Ireland as a whole. He manages to do all this without sounding preachy or making you feel like he’s trying to push his message down your throat. Nu-Centz is one of the best Irish rappers around and he’s helping to push Irish Hip Hop from the underground to a more mainstream audience.

As always, if you like what you hear then check out Nu-Centz on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.


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Jeu Green-Chain Smokin’ (Official video)

Jeu Green released the official video for “Chain Smokin'” a while back but for some reason I’ve slept on it for a bit longer than I meant to. But now I’m fixing that. Jeu Green is the guy who gave us the awesome, kushed up “Zig Zag’s & Snapbacks” And he made a sick chill video for the track Chain Smokin’.  The video is laid back and suits the flow of the song perfectly. From now on i’m keeping a closer eye on this kid. Jeu also drops a 420 Monday’s video each Monday, which I should check out. But for now enjoy the awesome visuals.

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E-Dubble-Last Man Standing

When I first started this blog I honestly didn’t think I would have the chance to write a post on one of my favourite rappers, E-Dubble. But it seems that some prayers do get answered because Mr Dubble started the year off right with an anthem in “Last Man Standing”. For those of you who don’t know about E-Dub then here’s a small intro.

E-Dub is a beast on the mic and the big man hails from Philidelphia but now resides in Baltimore. And as for E-Dub’s style…well it’s party music, deep, emotional, sometimes political. In short, E-Dubble doesn’t confine himself to one style or genre. His tracks have had samples from Hanson, Lykke Li, Matthew Dear.  Hit the jump for the rest of the post.  Continue reading

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Mike Stud-Just Fine (Official music video)

It's Mike Stud homie!

Mike Stud just dropped some dope visuals to “Just Fine” off his tape “A Toast To Tommy” and the video is unbelievably cool. the video shows Stud and some friends just hanging out and doing random shit, but i’ll be damned if it doesn’t look like some fun! As usual Mike delivers a solid rap with a sick flow. Hit the jump to catch the video. Continue reading

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Illmatic, the documentary

Nasty Nas dropped “Illmatic” in mid ’94. The album was one of the most influential albums in East Coast hip hop and it was credited with helping cement the foundations of East Coast hip hop. And now more than 15 years later we finally get to see the documentary behind the album. It’s only 6 minutes long so even the most inattentive person should be able to sit through it.

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The Deans List-Unbelievers

Sonny, Dj Mendoza and Mik Beats

For anyone who hasn’t heard of The Deans List before now: A) Where have you been? and B) Cop “The Drive In” now! The Deans List are a Hip Hop / Pop trio from Massachusetts and New Jersey and are made up of rapper Sonny Shotz, producer Dj Mendoza and sound engineer/producer Mik Beats. The Deans List have an unmistakeable sound that blends the urban sound of hip hop with the optimistic overtones of pop. Listen to any Deans List song and you can instantly tell that they have their own distinctive style. Poppy yet still Urban and raw.  Hit the jump for the link to the song and for some more info on the guys.  Continue reading

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R.I.P Heavy D

Heavy D. Rapper, Actor, Pioneer and all round classy guy. R.I.P Overweight lover.

As is usually the case when someone famous dies,  Heavy D has become a major celebrity once again. But this time he won’t be around to see it. Heavy D passed away earlier this week. Heavy was on of the main players in the merging of Hip Hop and RnB. It was Heavy d & The Boyz who bridged the gap and smooth the rougher edges of Hip Hop to make it more accessible to everyone. Hev appeared on the 2011 BET Awards and performed in front of the crowd. Sadly the “overweight lover” won’t be around to see the impact his passing had on the Hip Hop community with indie rappers and veteran artist alike both expressing their sympathy and paying tribute to the original big guy. Janet Jackson, Eddy Murphy, Hi-Rez, Funkmaster Flex and many more taking to Twitter and Facebook. Heavy D was so influential that a few people decided to take his passing and make a song. Like Busta Rhymes who came out with “You ain’t gotta wait til i’m gone” which you can find here. Kinda fitting that for a guy who inspired an entire new style of music and helped bring Hip Hop and RnB closer his last tweet read “Be inspired”

Hit the jump to see some old school Heavy D… Continue reading

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