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Bramzwig-Glitter Ain’t Gold

Bramzwig, the guy who gave us the awesome “Doing It Big” and “The Pre Game” is back with another track off his upcoming mixtape “The Roaring Twenty” . This time Bramzwig gives us a slightly slower track and a deeper message behind it. “Glitter Ain’t Gold” is a slow jam that has Bramzwig rapping about his life and how he started rapping. The song is deep but not overly deep.

Rather than give you all a breakdown of the song and let you know what I think, I think i’ll put the track in and let you make your mind up.

To me the song is a nice change of pace and shows that Bram isn’t a one trick artist and he can do deep and chilled as well as fast and furious.

Hit the jump for the track. Continue reading

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Dada Life-Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker

Firstly I would like to state that, yes that is in fact Dada Life dressed up as chefs holding bunches of bananas. The music hasn’t gotten to your brain just yet.

Dada Life are a Swedish House/Electronic duo. Well at least that’s what some people call them. To me, Dada Life are destroying genres and bringing Dance music back to its rawest form. The guys don’t make music for the faint hearted, their style is loud and rage filled. Listen to any of the tracks they’ve put out and you can see that these guys do not fuck around.

I first got into Dada Life after I copped a post on Thissongissick of the guys raging banger “Happy Violence”. If you like your music loud, bass filled and something you can instantly rage to then Dada Life are 100% for you. Who knew that two Swedish guys would be so good at making epic house/electro/dance music (Basshunter, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Eric Prydz).

Hit the jump to check out the video for the epic track and also the instrumental version on soundcloud. Continue reading

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Basic Physics Mashup Time!!

I’ve neglected the blog for too long and now that I have three weeks off on Friday you can expect plenty of new stuff. Mashups, throwbacks, videos, interviews and something a little special just for y’all. I’m also promising that when I get on top of assignments and projects you will have regular content and some sick music for the new year. So until I get to all that I give you a late Mashup Monday and try to make up for it with and ENTIRE ALBUM of mashuppy goodness. Hit the jump for the entire 26 tracks and some more info on the uberly epic guys who gave us this. Continue reading

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Bramzwig-Doing It Big

Like I said in the last post I get a good few people tweeting me links to heir stuff or their friends stuff. And most of it is alright but nothing special. But then you get some pretty good stuff like Sinotra and a few others. But I recently got a tweet of a dude called Bramzwig and the song he showed me was pretty dope. But today he sent me another link to a track he just released “Doin It Big” and to be honest, I was blown away. Dude has swag  and a sick flow and with the sick beat it just works.

Hit the jump for the old track and the new one.  Continue reading

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Sue Cho & Acertronik-Yours Tonight (Fast Foot Remix)

Tonight I bring you a sick remix of an already sick Dubstep track. Fast Foot completely kill it on the remix. But when a song is this good to begin with, you can’t really go wrong. Hit the jump to check out the song. Continue reading

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Breath Carolina-Blackout (Paradigm Remix)

These guys remixed make a good Dubstep track. Really?

Guess what I just found? Nobody? Another epic Dubstep banger. This time the song is a remix of ‘Breathe Carolina’s’ “Blackout” you can see the original here. The original has an Electro Pop feel, kinda like those dudes 3OH!3 but a bit more Electro-ish. Is that a word? Anyways hit the jump to check out the remix. Continue reading

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RKTR-Levitation Field

"The future of Dance music"

Thank God for Soundcloud. Without that I would never have found out about RKTR pronounced react-or. RKTR are an Electro/Dubstep duo made up of Adam Dworak and Hector Pacheco. The guys have a sick sound and a distinctive style. It’s futuristic but mellow at the same time. The guys have a way with music and it seems that whatever they touch turns to an instant Dubby chilled out classic. Just have a listen to “Levitation Field”

The guys Facebook page shows what they’re all about with band interests stating “Reviving the analog pulse is RKTR’s unsnaid mission, to drive audiences to extreme emotion through music.” Check them out on Facebook here.  And on Soundcloud here. And on their webpage here.

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The Deans List-Unbelievers

Sonny, Dj Mendoza and Mik Beats

For anyone who hasn’t heard of The Deans List before now: A) Where have you been? and B) Cop “The Drive In” now! The Deans List are a Hip Hop / Pop trio from Massachusetts and New Jersey and are made up of rapper Sonny Shotz, producer Dj Mendoza and sound engineer/producer Mik Beats. The Deans List have an unmistakeable sound that blends the urban sound of hip hop with the optimistic overtones of pop. Listen to any Deans List song and you can instantly tell that they have their own distinctive style. Poppy yet still Urban and raw.  Hit the jump for the link to the song and for some more info on the guys.  Continue reading

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Common- Sweet (Official video)

Lately i’ve been getting really into Common. I mean I liked the guy before but there’s just something about him now that makes his music more captivating. That can certainly be said for “Sweet” the video was shot in Haiti and was officially premiered by Common on his Ustream. He got people to donate $1 and everything donated would be sent to help the Haitian people. The video is extremely sick and you can see that Common tried to capture the realness and rawness of Haiti today. And if you think that just because the song is called “Sweet” that it’s not NSFW then you’re 100% wrong. “Sweet” is Common at his rawest.

Hit the jump to catch the video.. Continue reading

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Radical Something acoustic videos.

Radical Something-We Are Nothing

So i’ve been kinda neglecting the awesome dudes from Radical Something… that stops now! The guys have kindly put together a playlist of some acoustic performances of their songs. Whether you need to chill out after a day at the office or you just wanna feel like it’s summer again the hit the jump to catch these awesome chilled out tunes. Continue reading

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