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Nu-Centz – Do You Really Love Me ft Funzo (Official video)

It’s been a good while since I posted something on here and I figured I start back with an underrated Irish artist. Nu-Centz is an Irish Hip Hop artist that’s been making music for quite a while, he’s been a major player in the underground Hip Hop scene in Dublin but he started to get major attention when he won a competition to have Lupe Fiasco feature on a track with him. You can find it here.

Nu-Centz has gained fans with his lyrics, flow and the message behind his tracks. He raps about coming up in the city, the challenges we all face and the state of Ireland as a whole. He manages to do all this without sounding preachy or making you feel like he’s trying to push his message down your throat. Nu-Centz is one of the best Irish rappers around and he’s helping to push Irish Hip Hop from the underground to a more mainstream audience.

As always, if you like what you hear then check out Nu-Centz on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.


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Lupe Fiasco-American Terrorist III

Now normally I’m not a big fan of Lupe. He’s had some good songs and he focuses on the good side of rap and I admire the guy for that but for some reason I have never really connected with him or his music. Anyway Lupe dropped this earlier on from his Twitter. It’s a pretty dope song and is well worth a listen. You can find the song here.

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