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B.O.B-So Good (Mike Stud x Missy Modell remix) Official video

Some things just go together. Like Eminem and Dre, peanut butter and jelly and some other stuff that I just cannot think of right now! Missy Modell and Mike Stud, two names that when they appear on a song together you know it’s going to be great. Stud and Missy have worked together before on Can’t Stop Me and now they took on B.O.B’s So Good. As usual Mike lays down some dope rhymes and Missy comes in and does what she does best by making the chorus super sexy.

Am I the only one who wants to see a Mike Stud x Missy Modell mixtape or album sometime soon? The video was shot and edited by the legendary Jon Kilmer Studios. Show Mike and Missy some love by liking the Facebook pages, here and here. And follow them on Twitter. Mike Stud. Missy Modell.

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Mike Stud-Sammy’s Shadow (Official music video)

I’ve been a fan of Mike Stud since I first heard his track “College Humor”. He was a Frat rap guy that could pull some witty punchlines and had a real sick flow. He even pokes fun at people who think that that all he has is punchlines and party music. But then I copped “A Toast To Tommy” and I saw a side to Stud that I liked as much if not more than “Party music Mike”. The track off “A Toast To Tommy” that really caught my eye…or ear? Does a song catch your eye or is it even possible to catch somebody’s ear?

Anyway the song I noticed the most and the one that was my personal favourite was “Sammy’s Shadow”. The track is a slow paced song for Stud and it focuses on this girl called Sammy who Stud just can’t seem to shake off. He fell for her and then lost touch with her over some stupid shit. And the song focuses on his story of how he went from this girl being his world to how he still loves her but can’t bring himself to telling her. The song is slow and has some deep emotion in it.

The video was shot by the same guy who shot “Just Fine”, “Bottle It Up” “On My Way” “Summer Swag” hell the guy directed most of Stud’s videos, Paddy Quinn. The video features Stud going about his day and doing what he does but everywhere he goes he “sees” Sammy. That’s all I’m gonna say, i’ll let you watch it before I say any more. So hit the jump below to check the vid.

I don’t know if Stud actually went through all this or whether this is just some elaborate rap but it’s a nice change for Stud and the slow pace and slightly classical beat make the song different from the usual “different” a lot of frat rappers try to put out. Stud actually pulls off the track and you leave feeling kinda sad for him but happy in another way. It’s difficult to put into words. Continue reading

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Sheeps, Jeeps and Beats. More coming soon, I swear.

I know I’ve been slacking  but there is a good reason. There’s been a lot of personal stuff going going on at the moment and I just haven’t had time to post with all that’s been happening. But I promise that there will be a lot more of what you want and soon.  Until then, I give you something to keep you occupied. Hit the jump to see what it is. Continue reading

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Mike Stud-Just Fine (Official music video)

It's Mike Stud homie!

Mike Stud just dropped some dope visuals to “Just Fine” off his tape “A Toast To Tommy” and the video is unbelievably cool. the video shows Stud and some friends just hanging out and doing random shit, but i’ll be damned if it doesn’t look like some fun! As usual Mike delivers a solid rap with a sick flow. Hit the jump to catch the video. Continue reading

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Hendersin – I.F.L.Y (Official mixtape)

If you haven't copped it by now, then do it!!!

Hendersin finally dropped the highly anticipated “I.F.L.Y” and it was worth the wait. The tape has to be some on Hendersin’s best work to date. There are some sick features on the tape too, Mike Stud, Missy Modell, Colin McLoughlin and Kinetics of Kinetics&OneLove. There’s one sick freestlye which shows that Hendersin doesn’t just drop sick songs he can freestyle with the best of them! Some sick tracks on this, “Miles and Miles” and “All Eyes On Me” and “What You Looking At?” being three of the standout tracks of the tape.

Hit the jump to check the official visuals for “What You Looking At?” and download link…. Continue reading

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A Toast To Tommy – Mike Stud

So Mike Stud dropped his debut mixtape, A Toast To Tommy. And damn it is insane. Stud takes some of  his hits off his YouTube and sticks a few new ones in as well. This tape is a real party soundtrack, perfect to get the whole party jumping. With songs like College Humor, Back Again and Can’t Stop Me, Stud shows he is definitely one to watch.

As Stud says “rookie mixtape sounding like a veteran” do yourself a favour and listen to the tape below and cop it off iTunes here or download for free here



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