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Robin Thicke ~ Blurred Lines/Rant about the state of the music industry.

I originally set out to write this post on the video to Robin Thicke’s song, Blurred Lines. It’s a catchy song and I figured the video would be pretty good too. Then I went on YouTube and saw the video. That’s when I decided that I cannot, in good conscience do a serious post on the song or the video. The song itself is pretty decent, it’s not ground breaking or anything like that but it’s a catchy song. The video on the other hand completely epitomises what I imagine the stereotypical music video to be. Before I go any further let me just say this, above is the video I first saw for the song. Typical bullshit video with money, women and jewellery.

I then found out that there is another video for that song. A completely official and 100% done by the exact same people video. The only difference is that in the second “unrated” video the women are naked. Someone looked at that video and decided that, “Semi naked women are cool. But you know what’s really cool? Naked chicks!” Seriously, what kind of thought process goes into making an almost exact replica with just one minor difference? The video won’t be seen by many people because it’s not going to be shown on tv or anything like that. It’s a complete and utter waste of money.

If you want to leave then this is your chance, if you want to keep going and read my rant on the state of the music industry then hit the jump.  Continue reading

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K-Woody-Save The World Tonight (Official music video)

Sometimes the simplest thing are the best. Like food, cars and music videos. I’m not saying that over the top, elaborate videos don’t have their place. They do. I like looking at Nicki Minaj in a cage as much as the next guy and don’t get me wrong, I love videos like Eminem and Dr Dre’s Guilty Conscience. But there’s just something about a simplistic, minimalist video that makes the music stand out. The whole point of a video is to get your music on the tv so it can be seen by more people. Isn’t it? So why have a video that has so much going on that you concentrate on that instead of the music!

And, when you’re an indie artist still in college trying to make a music video that is any good costs money. And aspiring musicians have very little of that going. So simple is best. K-Woody did just that in his first official video for the track, Save The World Tonight. Check it out. The video doesn’t rely on flashy visuals, it’s just Woody rapping in a few different places and it works. The video stands up on its merits and you can focus on the song not what’s happening in the video.

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K-Woody-Moment 4 Life (Freestyle)

Whoever said staying up late was bad for your health had no idea what they were talking about. I just got a brand new track off my boy, K-Woody. Dude is gonna be dropping it tomorrow and when he does you will get the links. But until then I’ll see if I can’t get you a little excited.

The track is an off the top free, K-Woody started the beat, hit record and dropped this all in one take. I can’t say a lot but I can say that the track is dropped over Nicki and Drake’s “Moment For Life” instrumental. Keep in mind that K-Woody is only 18! This free is straight off the top gold and I have now listened to it about 10 times. Woody has skills with written verses but this free is just dope.

Update: K-Woody dropped the song and here is the link for you all. Check the track and let Woody know what you think. This kid is making big moves and if he keeps dropping shit like this then I’m gonna keep posting it.

That’s all I’m gonna say for now but make damn sure you check back tomorrow for the links. Follow Woody on Twitter.

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Timeflies Tuesday-2012

Timeflies are back on their grind in 2012. Starting the year off with an absolute banger tune. The guys lay down one of the longest Timeflies Tuesdays i’ve seen in a while. And true to their style Rez delivers an ultra sick “Clubstep” remix of Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj’s “2012” for Cal to do his thing over. This track is truly a new step for Timeflies and I can’t wait to see what the next 51 TFT’s hold.

Show the guys some love on Twitter and spread the word. Because we all know Timeflies.

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