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K-Woody – Be Easy

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen some new K-Woody but as expected he drops yet another great song. The track samples Radical Something’s, Be Easy. When I saw the cover art for the track I had guessed that Woody would do something with Radical Something’s track but this is way beyond what I expected.

Anyone who has listened to Woody knows that he is constantly evolving and keeps getting better with each track he puts out. Be Easy has a chilled out mellow vibe to it and it really shows how far Woody has come in the last year. The flow and beat come together perfectly and all in all it’s a perfect addition to the Summer playlist. Check out the song below… And if you haven’t done it already then follow K-Woody on Twitter, like the Facebook page and download his debut mixtape, Livin’ On The Flow here.


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Radical Something-Valentine (Cut Me Loose) Official music video

Just when I thought I had Radical Something figured out, they do this.

What’s a blogger to do when guys like Josh Cocktail, Loggy and Big Red keep changing up their sound and making it work? You want to have something to say that makes it sound like you weren’t paid by the guys to write a post on it, but…….I’m stumped. Wasn’t feeling the track too much on the first listen but by the third and fourth plays, Valentine was stuck in my head. I was singing it on the train, walking down the street and even humming it during class. If there’s one thing that Radical Something seem to be able to do, it’s create good, simple, enjoyable music that is catchy as hell. Hit the jump for the link to download and an extra something special. Continue reading

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Radical Something-We Are Radical (A Day In Rome)

It’s been too long since I did something on the Radical Something guys. So prepare for another Radical post quite soon, possibly in the next hour or two.

Anyway, back to the music. Radical Something released this video on their YouTube. Now It looks like it could be an unofficial official video until they make an actual video. That and the fact the song cuts out before the end and the talking at the start. Apart from that it could be an awesome video. The song is about the guys being different and chilling in places “like a vagabond” Actually, to be honest, I completely made that last line up.

If you want to leave it there and go away from this post without reading a mini rant about indie movements then leave now. Continue reading

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Radical Something-Sun Down (Official music video)

I am very rarely amazed but it seems like the guys at Radical Something can do just that!! The guys have released an awesome new song called “Sun Down” and just like most of their songs, it’s a down tempo chilled out tune. But there is just something about the song that makes you smile. I got an e-mail off the guys today to announce this absolute gem of a song.

Beautiful dudes and ladies–we are here to bring you all some great news! To celebrate Radical Something hitting 10,000 Facebook fans, we released a new song and video, titled “Sun Down”! The song itself will not be featured on our upcoming EP, but we love the tune and once you take a peek at the video you will feel the same way. Guaranteed!

The guys had massive Summer swag with hits like “Be Easy” and “California” but “Sun Down” really embodies that Winter feeling. Sorry to repeat myself but there is just something about this song that just makes it unbelievable….it’s the kind of song that makes you just happy to be alive. I can honestly say that after seeing it I wanna just chill with friends and be young and carefree!

Radical Something truly are chilled out and just when you think they hit their peak they blow your mind. Anyways hit the jumps for the song and the sick visuals.  Continue reading

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Radical Something acoustic videos.

Radical Something-We Are Nothing

So i’ve been kinda neglecting the awesome dudes from Radical Something… that stops now! The guys have kindly put together a playlist of some acoustic performances of their songs. Whether you need to chill out after a day at the office or you just wanna feel like it’s summer again the hit the jump to catch these awesome chilled out tunes. Continue reading

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Radical Something studio sessions

So  Radical Something, the dudes who gave us the sick visuals for their Summer smash California, revamped their site. And when I was browsing through it I just saw this: with the above video beside it.

From what I gather, the guys are going to write, produce and record one song a day for a week. Not sure whether they’ll be up on Youtube yet but i’m sure the guys will let us know. For now just enjoy the video and the soulful vocals of Josh Cocktail and wait.

Hit the guys up on Twitter. Josh Cocktail, Loggy, Big Red and Radical Something

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California – Radical Something (Official music video)

The rad dudes from Radical Something, Josh Cocktail, Loggy and Big Red dropped the official video today for their awesome Summer song, California off their first tape, “We Are Nothing”. The video is full of sexy women, partying and what looks like one hell of a beach party. The guys really outdone themselves on this one. All I can say is if this is what day to day life is like in Cali then when can I move?

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Lots of new stuff coming soon!

Okay, so i’ll be the first to admit i’ve been slacking. I haven’t posted anything since the news about Steve Jobs’ death but there has been some really hot stuff dropping.

SoLo dropped the highly anticipated Dear Future,  Huey Mack dropped a sick joint to thank his fans for getting him to 8,000 followers on Twitter. TimeFlies released a dope tribute to Steve Jobs, Radical Something finally gave us the awesome visuals for the Summer smash “California” and some other stuff happened too.

So, sit back, turn the volume up and enjoy good music.

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Radical Something – We Are Nothing

So I originally thought I’d have to wait until tomorrow to post this but, the awesome dudes that are Radical Something decided to stream the entire album online. Which you can find here.

Seeing as this is one of the first few posts on the blog I decided to give some background info on Loggy, Big Red and Josh Cocktail otherwise known as Radical Something

Loggy has dropped two mixtapes, New Kid and Up All Night. Both of which are available for free download on his Facebook page here. Loggy on his own has a real laid back Cali vibe with his songs focusing on being a college kid and trying to rap about stuff that matters, not the usual (cars, money, fame, women)

Josh Cocktail is the guy behind the totally sick choruses and deep soulful vocals which really hold the songs together. I’ll be honest, up until the guys dropped their first song, Be Easy, I hadn’t really heard much of Josh. But i’m so glad i’ve been introduced to his music. He has a deep soulful voice that instantly hits you and makes you feel like everything is gonna be ok. Check out his YouTube here

And lastly but, by no means least, the guy who holds down the Radicals with sick beats. Big Red. Big Red is the man behind the music for Radical Something he blends Pop with Chill out with Hip Hop, and damn does it sound good. Just listen to the production on We Are Nothing. Big Red is without a doubt a sick dude on production, that being said the big man drops equally big verses, just check out ‘We Are Radical’

We Are Nothing hits iTunes tomorrow, September 21st 2011. And is also available for free download at http://www.radicalsomething.com/

Show the guys some love on twitter too. Josh Cocktail Loggy Big Red

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