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Catalina Gonzalez – Proof ft Diego Troncoso

Catalina Gonzalez is back with the first single off her upcoming EP, Old Soul, New Voice. The song was originally written back in 2005 and according to Cat the EP will focus on “Taking the past, reflecting on it in the present and move on to the future.”

The song is slow and melodic in places but has an upbeat chorus. I knew Cat could sing but the single truly showcases her talent as both a songwriter and a singer. Proof is a heartfelt and emotional song that really takes you on a journey and lets you experience some of the journey Cat has been on. If the EP is half as good as this song then Cat will definitely have an amazing EP on her hands. In case you haven’t heard, Old Soul, New Voice is released on July 23rd.

Like Cat’s Facebook page, follow her on Twitter and make sure you get the EP when it’s released.

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MGK – Highline Ballroom Soundcheck

After MGK was banned from performing at the Highline Ballroom by the NYPD he took to Twitter to let the fans know he had something in store for them.

The result is the sick Highline Ballroom Soundcheck. MGK goes over Biggie’s Dead Wrong and destroys it. MGK raps about the Freshman issue of XXL and people sleeping on his music. Check the video out and follow MGK on Twitter and like the Facebook page.

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Radical Something-Sky Is Born (Summer Of Rad Week 1)

It’s Summer so we all knew that the awesome dudes from Radical Something had something in store for us. It seems like it’s been a long journey but it’s hard to believe that the guys have only been together for a year. In that time they have released a free album, We Are Nothing, and an EP, #NoSweat. And as if that wasn’t enough, they put out this video a while back….

For those of you who can’t be bothered to watch the video it basically means that Radical Something have decided to give their fans something to get up for on a Monday. Each week, for 12 weeks, Loggy, Josh and Big Red will release a brand new track on Monday for their fans to show their appreciation for the support they’ve shown the guys. Hit the jump to check out the first track from the Summer Of Rad. Continue reading

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K-Woody-Brooklyn I Am (D.O.A remix)

K-Woody is back at it again. The kid from Boston just dropped of a dope remix of Jay-Z’s track, D.O.A  (Death Of Autotune).  And I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t that into the original song by Jay-Z  but, as per usual Woody killed it. D.O.A has a slow, smooth almost Jazzy beat to it and Woody changes up his flow to suit the beat.

Every time I have to do a post on K-Woody I’m pretty psyched because I know that he’s gonna deliver every time. Just listen to the song. Woody’s flow suits the beat perfectly and the verses flow seamlessly through. I can honestly say I’ve listened to it at least six times in the last half hour. That’s all I’m gonna say.

So make sure you like the page on Facebook. Follow Woody on Twitter and show some love by downloading his debut mixtape, Livin’ On The Flow

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Cata Gonzalez-Settle Down (remix)

For those of you who don’t know, Jon Kilmer Studios released a free beat mixtape on Monday. The tape features 12 awesome beats for anyone to use, but enough about that.

Cata Gonzalez, who i’ve posted a couple of times before on here decided to take Kilmer’s “Settle Down” beat and go over it. The result, well you can see from the video! When i first heard Cat, she was singing and she’s damn good at it too, but when she can jump between singing and rapping as easily as this it’s kind of awesome! I’ve only heard her rap on a few videos but when she does rap, Cat doesn’t play.

If you like what you see then make sure to support Cat as she’s currently working on her debut EP, “Old Soul, New Voice”
If you like the video then like her page on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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K-Woody-D.A.N.C.E (Remix)

K-Woody dropped the cover for his debut tape, Livin' On The Flow when he hit 900 fans on Facebook.

K-Woody is on the road to 1000. The up and comer from Boston has finally hit 900 fans on the Facebook page and to thank the fans he dropped a track and the cover for Livin’ On The Flow. The track is a remix of Justice’s D.A.N.C.E and as per usual, K-Woody kills it. I’m not sure if the track he dropped is the full version or just a preview to tide fans over til Livin’ On The Flow drops but once again it shows Woody’s diversity and how he can jump on anything and spit some sick bars. Check out K-Woody’s Facebook fanpage here and help him get to 1000 fans before he drops LOTF. And be sure to follow him on Twitter for updates on the tape and all new music.

Oh and did I forget to mention, Livin’ On The Flow drops on April 12th 2012. 8DAYS until Livin’ On The Flow.


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Outasight feat. Timeflies-Tonight Is The Night (Timeflies Remix)

You do not know how good it feels to hear the Timeflies shoutout on a track that isn’t their own. The guys have been on their Timeflies Tuesday grind but it’s a breath of fresh air when they take a song and remix it and throw Cal in there too.

Like the guys on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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Kid Wonder-Wassup ft So-Well (Official music video)

Got a tweet of an artist by the name of Kid Wonder who asked me to check out some of his stuff. I did and you should too! The kid from Missouri lays down some solid bars over some dope beats. Facebook and Twitter.

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Huey Mack-Adderall Thoughts (Official music video)

Huey Mack drops some sick visuals to his laid back track Adderall Thoughts. The track is dark but extremely chilled out. Sit back, hit play and enjoy. Show Huey some love on Twitter and like the Facebook fanpage.


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4:20 Mondays. Big Green-Jeu Green

Jeu Green drops the video for week 3 of the 4:20 Mondays. With the 4:20 Mondays, Timeflies Tuesdays, Woody Wednesdays and Freestyle Fridays the entire week is nearly worth getting up for. Just need someone to take Thursday and I’m good for every day of the week. Back to the track, Jeu made the beat for the song and he goes over it in his signature laid back style. Last week he was playing the X-box the week before, he was in the booth. And this week Jeu gives us the 4:20 Monday from his car.

If you haven’t copped “Zig Zag’s & Snapbacks” yet then do it now. Follow Jeu on Twitter and like the Facebook page.


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