K-Woody-Break Loose

Two in a row from K-Woody. The up and comer from Massachusetts is doing big things and with his latest track, “Break Loose” Woody gives us a cut off his new mixtape “Living On The Flow”. And he just hit 500 fans on the Facebook page.

Told you this kid was gonna do big things. “Break Loose” is a little different from other songs in the fact that it has no chorus, no hook and just one continuous verse. The song is catchy and the beat features a sample from someone who sounds a lot like James Brown (actually the guy could be James Brown but the beat is a song called “Break Loose” by a guy called Gramatik. Thanks to K-Woody) The beat is sick and I love the way Woody just jumps in without a chorus or hook. The song ends up sounding like you turned it on in the middle of a longer song…if that makes sense. Anyway, Woody makes the beat his own and drops a sweet few verses. Definitely cannot wait to see the mixtape when it comes out and cannot wait to see what this guy does when he gets a little more experience. Dude’s only 18.

Anyway hit the jump to catch the song and the original by Gramatik. 

Gramatik-Break Loose

K-Woody-Break Loose

Show K-Woody some love on Twitter here and join the Facebook page here.

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3 thoughts on “K-Woody-Break Loose

  1. Hey there. Basically want to submit and say that I valued this information. I’ll be bookmarking your blogging site and returning to see if you post any additional ones. Thanks again!

  2. Wonderfully written post, thanks mate!

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